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Tuesday Update

Week 16

A peek at the past week (how I’ve been): Mostly good! This past weekend, especially! I went in to the apple store on Saturday and was completely shocked by the amazing customer service. Dan, the best CSR in the world, actually gave me a brand new iphone 4 to replace my poor water destroyed one! Free of charge! Following that, we spent time baking, cleaning, and relaxing. Sunday we went to visit the amazing Kit (for any LSGers, KitDeepsky),her LW, Phae, and their week old baby girl,  Nyx. After a bit of a hang out, Kit gifted me with a bag of mat clothes, including the coveted and highly amazing WIP Rav shirt:

For my own little Work in Progress

She also gave me a box full of baby clothes! After that, we stopped by my BossLady’s neighbours, who were giving away a free high chair, free jolly jumper and free baby chair/vibrating bouncing thing. So awesome!

How far along am I? Depending on who you ask, but I’m going with 17 weeks, as of yesterday.

I am thinking… a lot. Dreaming and plotting for baby, considering our options, what we need, what we want, etc… Thinking about family and loss, and how life will be without our parents to help us. Plotting the nursery, for sure! In fact, I put together a little inspiration board today:

Keeping in mind that this is a “wow, that would be nice!” kind of board. I don’t have any of the things pictured. Also, it’s looking a little femme, so if we’re having a boy, we’ll have to balance that out a bit. Also, the green in the background was pulled from a picture of my craftroom a.k.a The Soon To Be Nursery. The colour is actually much brighter and with less grey. What we currently have:

-White floating IKEA shelves, which will stay in the nursery for storage.

-Below those shelves, we’ll be putting a dresser which will also serve as a change table. Right now it’s a light yellowy oak colour, but we’re planning on sanding it down and painting it. Any colour suggestions? Pat was thinking a dark brown to match what we want for the crib. I’m also going to change the pulls, if we can afford it. Not sure what I want. It really depends on what we paint it:

I am thankful for… The Vitamin C lozenges that I’m allowed to have. They completely take away my nausea.

From the kitchen… My first ever shepard’s pie! I know, I know. It’s nothing fancy, but I’m still proud of myself.

I am wearing…Maternity clothes! Looking forward to wearing my new duds from Kit!

I am creating… A toque for the hubby, and not much else.  Plotting baby projects (another post to come)

I am going… to be hosting S, K and the kids for dinner this weekend!

I am reading… The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss (SO GOOD)

I am hoping… that things calm down at work. There’s been lots of drama and its not been good for my peace of mind.

I am hearing… The new Florence and the Machine album, which came out today. A taste:

Around the house…Purging is the name of the game. Especially with guests coming this weekend, I’m trying to keep things tidy.

One of my favorite things…Apple Butter! I’ve never had it before, but we picked some up at the orchard over Thanksgiving weekend. I LOVE it.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Working on the house. Sorting through and washing the baby clothes.
Weight Gain: Total of about 5lbs.
Baby in the Produce World: This week we’re an onion. Can’t remember what it was for 16…sorry ;)
Movement/Signs o’ Baby: Nothing yet, but I’m looking forward to it starting :)
Cravings and Aversions: Cravings: fudgecicles, hot wings chips, spicy things.
Body Changes/Weirdness: Started getting some round ligament pain this week and I’m having a really hard time getting comfortable in bed. Lots of aches and pains.
Other Random Babeh/Pregnancy thoughts: Things are feeling really REAL this week. Having a highchair in the trunk of the car, and box of newborn clothes and knowing that in 17 days we’ll know if its a boy or a girl…we’re almost at the half way point! EEP