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Tuesday Update: Week 20

A peek at the past week (how I’ve been): Week 20 has been a rollercoaster. We’ve had some really great days (Liam is moving around like crazy, so that’s fun), but there’s been a lot of other stuff going on that’s been weighing on me (namely work issues, estate stuff, and the Christmas blues)

How far along am I? 21 weeks, 1 day.

I am thinking… about the holidays. It’s the first year in my life time that I won’t be spending any time this holiday season with someone from my immediate family. My sister and I can’t afford to travel, and obviously my parents are no longer with us, so it’s a hard change. Unfortunately, with money constraints and the up-coming renos, Pat and I won’t be doing much for celebrating at home either. I’m going to do some really minor decorating this coming weekend (Only things that are easily moved). We are going to Nana Jan & Cathy’s Annual Christmas Party (not my nana, but Liam’s ;) Jan is Pat’s BFF, and will be, along with her wife, Cathy,  an honourary Nana to our little ones) on the 17th, and have plans to spend Christmas day with S,K & their family. Hopefully, schedules will align and we’ll also be able to spend time with Pat’s family. It’s a hard year for everyone, and we’re all very busy. I hope we can make it work.

I am thankful for… understanding friends and family, who don’t judge us for our inability to afford gifts this year.

From the kitchen… Baking is the name of the game! Pat is participating in Movember at work. Yesterday they had a charity bake sale so I made a bunch of his chocolate chip cookies and gave my hand at sugar cookies for the first time, using this recipe. The cookies weren’t pretty, but any stretch (apparently, I need to learn how to frost things properly), but they were tasty.

Ugly, but taaaasty

Also, I gave a try to Crock Pot Lasagna on Friday. This Recipe was used, with this review kept in mind.

Our Reaction: It was ok. Didn’t feel like making it in a crock-pot saved me any time or effort. Also, we didn’t have any parmigiana cheese, so maybe that’s why it tasted a little bland? The recipe itself was a little confusing at times (how many noodles? Half the box? How? Lid on or off?). I felt the recipe did need more layers. Pat felt that it needed some oomf. Either a cheese with more flavour or a sauce with more kick. Overall, we ate it and enjoyed it, but it didn’t wow us.

I am wearing…bigger and bigger things. I’m almost out of my first couple of mat pants.

I am creating… A website! I’ve been doing some design work on a new front page for a family site. I’m hoping to eventually host family recipes, photos, this blog, and pages in remembrance of my parents. Also, I’ve volunteered to write for an Ottawa Mommy group called Ottawa Mommy Club. Here’s a list of my fellow bloggers.

I am going… to try to get some cleaning and laundry done this week.

I am reading… Dreamfever, by Karen Marie Moning, as recommended by Felicia Day. It is pure naughty urban fantasty fluff. Reminds me a lot of the True Blood series, but with the emphasis put on the fae.

I am hoping… that I gain some energy some where. I’m exhausted! Also, I hope a couple new creative ideas that I’m working on go well :)

I am hearing… More of the new Florence and the Machine. Have you heard about the controversy surrounding their new video? This is the video:

Apparently, there are people who find the video racist. Honestly, I’m a bit torn. I totally see what they were trying to convey (light vs. dark) but it does rub me the wrong way.

1- Does the world really need more voodoo stereotyping? Especially as a counterpoint to Christianity? Come on now. Do your research and learn about the connections there, learn about the faith before jumping to the “Scary Otherness Savagery”  portrayals. Seriously.

2- While I can see the point in using skin tone to portray the light vs. dark, you had to have known that wouldn’t be received well. There are other ways to capture that without bringing race into it.

So, artistically, I can appreciate it. I got the point, it was done in a pretty way. Bottom line? Definitely not a wise move for the band or anyone else involved in the creation of the video. Could have been done in a way that didn’t offend based on race or religion.

Around the house…A sick hubby and lots of laundry and dust hippos.

One of my favorite things…Prenatal yoga. I am trying to do it at home 3 times a week using this DVD. It is making a huge difference in my flexibility and my activity level. Also? Discount sites. Recently I’ve made use of BreakoutBras Grab Bag promotion for Nursing Bras. I got two lacy nursing bras for 35USD in my size (my size usually ends up costing me an arm and a leg. I’m currently a 36GG, but expect to be a 38 soon.). Sadly, one of them ended up being a little…err…unattractive. The important thing is they both fit well, they are constructed well and will serve me well as both a non-underwire bra for now and a nursing bra in the future.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Nothing! I have an appointment on friday for my back, but otherwise, we’re free. Yayyyy!
 Weight Gain: Total, about 9lbs. All of a sudden I gained 3lbs this week. Still within the normal and healthy range, so yay!
Baby in the Produce World: Last week we were a cantaloupe! Which sounds like its far too big to be true. Maybe just a little one? This week (week 21) I’m supposedly at banana.
 Movement/Signs of the Baby: Lots of huffing and puffing when climbing stairs, moving much slower these days, and definitely with more of a waddle.  Liam is a VERY active fella. I feel him a lot, especially after I eat.
Cravings and Aversions: Cravings:  MILK. I want it all the time. Even better when it’s paired with cookies.  Aversions: Fried eggs, ground beef. What else grosses me out? The smell of garbage, cigarette smoke and coffee mouth (You know, after someone has a Tim Horton’s coffee, that sour coffee smell? UGH)
Body Changes/Weirdness: Not much in the weird department. My belly is now in the way of my normal sitting positions, so that’s a bit of a pain. Also? I can’t see anything south of the border without moving belly or looking around it.
Other Random Babeh/Pregnancy thoughts: I got a call last week that my placenta is on the low side. This means that I’ll be given a bit more attention and will have to have another ultrasound around week 30. (end of January, early Feb) just to make sure everything is ok. Apparently, it’s nothing too serious, but it could turn into Placenta Previa which would require a C-section. The midwives are confident that it will move up to where it’s supposed to be and that everything will be fine, though. It also means that if I have any bleeding I do need to make a point to let them know that not only am I RH-, but I have a low placenta. Wooooo.
This whole thing has really made me think about my birth options and how much I really want a vaginal birth with as little intervention as possible. The idea of a C-Section is not appealing to me, at all. I totally understand why other people would choose to go that route, and how important the option is for those who require it, but I’m just starting to realize how much I don’t want one. Definitely something to think about some more, and really work through.
Also, this is why all the movement I do feel is really low and is usually only when I sit.

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