Tuesday Update: Week 21

A peek at the past week (how I’ve been): Week 21 was a lot quieter than we were expecting. After a crazy Week 20, we were happy to have some downtime to recover. This was especially important because there’s a nasty virus going around my office. Of the 7 staff, one has recovered, one spent time in the hospital, one is home sick, another is at work, but sick, and another is starting to come down with something. That only leaves me and my manager without any symptoms currently. Two of those gals have serious bronchitis and are on some heavy duty drugs (one went to the hospital, unable to breath. The other one has been coughing up blood). Thursday, I was sent on a work trip to Belleville (about 2 1/2 hours away) with one of the sick girls. She was doing ok that day, and we ended up having a great time together. It definitely help me relieve some of my work stress. Unfortunately, Friday was a day of massive baby brain fail thanks to some appointment mix ups and a pointless 1 1/2 hrs spent busing in a snow storm. Fun times.

How far along am I? 22 weeks, 1 day.

I am thinking… about our registry and what Liam needs. I’ve also been thinking about my 50 Book Challenge, which I’m SOO close to completing!  I only have 4 books left before January 1st.

I am thankful for… beautiful fluffy snow, chai lattes, my hilarious husband (and the fact that Movember is OVER so no more face squirrel!)

From the kitchen… Nothing fancy or note worthy last week, which is good because I needed the break after all of that charity baking. I did discover this week that two fish sticks in a hamburger bun w/ some fixin’s is damn close to the Wendy’s Fish Burger than I’ve been craving….don’t judge me.

I am wearing…The same ol. I’m running out of room in my winter coat, so I’ve been looking at a replacement for the rest of the season. My current fave is sadly waaaaaaaay out of my price range:

The M Coat

The M Coat is perfect. It has a maternity panel that can be flipped over for babywearing or completely removed for when you’re no longer pregnant. Unfortunately, it’s about 400$. Yeah, no.

My other fave is way less pricey, but still a big investment, especially because it’s strickly a maternity coat:

Maternity Parka from Motherhood

This one is from Motherhood Maternity, and is only 124.00. Unfortunately, I can’t help but think that I’ll only wear it for 4 more months, and will it look ok if I wear it next year? We’ll see. I’m still thinking about it.

I am creating… A website! I’ve been doing some design work on a new front page for a family site. I’m hoping to eventually host family recipes, photos, this blog, and pages in remembrance of my parents. Also, I’ve volunteered to write for an Ottawa Mommy group called Ottawa Mommy Club. Here’s a list of my fellow bloggers.

I am going… to Toys R Us on Saturday with Pat, S & K to start our registry! I’m nervous, but excited. Baby stuff is so overwhelming. Also, I’ve been invited to attend a women’s full moon group hosted by the aboriginal community here at the college.

I am reading… A terrible romance series by Karen Marie Moning. No, I don’t want to tell you any more about it ;)

I am hoping… that I don’t feel overwhelmed while registering.

I am hearing… More of the same ol’. Liam showed us that he really likes Great Big Sea, which was fun. That said, he was also dancing to some Kesha, so we may need to have some words with him.

Around the house…A sick hubby, lots of dishes and lots of laundry and dust hippos.

One of my favorite things…Chocolate milk, hamburgers and big warm socks.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Full Moon group and Toys R Us!
Weight Gain: 10 lbs, as of today.
Baby in the Produce World: Last week we were a banana, today we are a papaya!
Movement/Signs of the Baby: Pat was finally about to feel Liam this past weekend. He is very active after I eat, but I don’t normally feel him unless I’m seated upright. If I’m laying down, I can barely feel a thing.
Cravings and Aversions: Cravings:  MILK. I want it all the time. Even better when it’s paired with cookies.  Avacados still. HAMBURGER. Like, a big BBQ’d totally topped, juice hunk of meat. Aversions: Fried eggs, ground beef in sauces.
Body Changes/Weirdness: TMI time! I may have had one of my boobs leak in my sleep. Otherwise, not much to report. Sore body, trouble sleeping. Peeing all the time.
Other Random Babeh/Pregnancy thoughts: Honestly? Not much to see here. I’m day dreaming about baby stuff, and getting to know my son, but otherwise, we’ve been busy and stuff.
Other Pictures from this Week:

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