Tuesday Update: Week 22

A peek at the past week (how I’ve been): It’s been an interesting week. The beginning was very normal, not much to report. I started a babyli.st registry online.  Midweek, due to stress, dehydration and overdoing it at work, I started getting Braxton Hicks contractions and bad bad gas pain. This resulted in my wheels screeching to a halt and forcing myself to take it easy (so no full moon group). I did some really minor decorating around the house, which cheered some of my Christmas blues. I worked on some estate stuff and did some cleaning.

Over the weekend, I got together with S & K to get our registry done at Babies R Us. S surprised me with a gift that she and the rest of my BeeMaids got me (My BeeMaids consist of S, L -from Montreal- and my sister, Tracy. They were my bridesmaids and are my best friends in the whole world). They had heard me bitching about my coat, and saw my post here, so they pooled together and got me a new-to-me winter coat!! They also included some organic baby wash and a starbucks gift card! Just when I was starting to feel really isolated and lonely, my girls absolutely spoiled me and reminded me how loved and blessed I am <3

Me and my new coat! <3

How far along am I? 23 weeks, 1 day.

I am thinking… about how close we are to being done with the estate. I really really hope things go smoothly from here on out (but I am realistic in the expectation of drama to come). Also, how fast December has gone by!

I am thankful for… my beautiful warm new coat, my amazing friends and chocolate.

From the kitchen… Nothing. We’ve been too busy. I was planning on making some stew this week, but I don’t think I’ll have time for it.

I am wearing…MAH NEW COAT. Sorry, it’ll be a while before I get over that. Oh, and here’s another picture of me in it:

Yep. Love it.

I am creating… Some holiday decor. One of these items was the ever popular yarn wreath that has been booming all over pinterest and craft sites. My version involved some creative thinking on my part, as I had no felt with which to make flowers. I decided to use some of my Mum’s old Christmas decorations and am really happy with how it turned out:

I am going… to many a shindig this week! Tonight, we are off to the monthly (or so) Wing Night w/ his work buddies. Friday is the hubby’s birthday, so I’m treating him to dinner and maybe a movie. Saturday is his BFF’s annual Christmas party extravaganza (they normally have 50+ people show up). Sunday will involve baking and cooking, followed by a Christmas potluck dinner, hosted by our friends Lara and Markian (Markian was one of Pat’s groomsmen). Monday is my office holiday potluck as well!

I am reading… Some baby books (namely re-reading The Baby Book by the Sears family) and The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N.K. Jemisin

I am hoping… My belly calms down. I want to be able to enjoy all the upcoming holiday grub!

I am hearing… More of the same ol’. OD’ing on Neko Case these days. In relevant news, Wil Wheaton just discovered Neko Case and tweeted the following:

Wil Wheaton

wilw : I have to thank @SlackerRadio for telling me I’d like Neko Case, because I like Camera Obscura, S&H, and Rilo Kiley. The future is awesome.
Wil Wheaton
wilw:  Dear Neko Case: WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE I LOVE YOUR MUSIC SO MUCH. Not creepy at all, Wil

Around the house…No change from last week. A sick hubby, lots of dishes and lots of laundry and dust hippos.

One of my favorite things…New work friendships, my husband laughing at my impression of dance music. Uhns! Uhns! Uhns!

Weight Gain: about 10 lbs, as of today.
Baby in the Produce World: Last week we were a papaya, this week we remain the same. Odd.
Movement/Signs of the Baby: We can actually see some of Liam’s movements, which is awesome. He’s definitely getting bigger and stronger, and I’m feeling him in new and wonderful places (oh, and not so wonderful places. Some seriously awkward places)
Cravings and Aversions: Cravings: Not much, actually. Still milk, cookies, chocolate milk. Unfortunately, my belly is getting sick of milk :( Aversions: Nothing new really. Don’t enjoy the smell of burnt toast (Talking to you there, husband!) or cooking ground beef.
Body Changes/Weirdness: Really terrible gas pains have started this week. Not sure where it came from all of a sudden, but it’s been awful. Also, of course, the Braxton Hicks contractions. Weirdest feeling ever! Oh, and according to friends and family my belly looks very different now.
Other Random Babeh/Pregnancy thoughts: I’m starting to mentally prepare myself for Liam’s arrival. We signed up for prenatal classes today, which start in January. Shit’s getting real, yo.
Other Pictures from this Week:

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