2011 in Review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog. It’s pretty schnazzy so I thought I’d share it.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Syndey Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 10,000 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

My favourite part? Learning that my most popular post ever was titled “Satan and Pugs“. Hahahaha. How badly did that post disappoint those who wandered in from search engines, I can only imagine.

I can’t believe it’s already 2012.

In a long standing tradition founded way back in my livejournal days, here is my annual recap:

January 2011 – My sister came to visit for the holidays and left just before the new year. I chose the word “Acceptance” for my word of the year. I posted about mental illness and my own personal battles with depression and PTSD. The estate got very bad, very quickly. I struggled with letting the darkness drag me down vs. picking myself up and choosing to improve my day myself.  Pat and I started actually trying for baby.

February 2011 – I started having nightmares about my parents. I had to live my word “Acceptance” as I got some really hard news about an old friend and the estate continued to be extremely difficult. Started meal planning and attempting new and interesting menu items (chili and cheese biscuits, the extremely popular red velvet cake balls, baked potato soup). Started listening to Laura Marling. I looked into getting a lawyer due to the estate badness, which was well timed because continued badness resulted in us moving into mediation. At this point, we expected everything to be done by the end of April. Started attending Beer and Wing night with Pat’s work friends. We emptied out my mother’s home and moved a bunch of stuff into storage and our place.

February 2011 - I start to cook for the first time ever!

March 2011 – I travelled to New Orleans with my buddy, Isaac! Unfortunately, I was quite sick for most of it! Started playing Dragon Age 2. Spent a lot of time with family and friends. Struggle with my mother’s birthday. Had junk guys come in to clear our my mother’s house of the last remaining items and had a major break down. Due to estate stuff and family issues, had a very difficult time with Acceptance.

March 2011 - Isaac and I take NOLA

April 2011 – Was visited by my first love, Jamie. Hung out around town and had him over to dinner to meet Pat. Started settling into our house a bit by putting up pictures/decorations. The anniversary of my mother’s death was very difficult. Made homemade tomato soup cake as comfort food. Spring hit Ottawa with some beautiful weather. Started watching Game of Thrones. Received an offer on my mother’s house. Heartbroken by the loss of the step father of my oldest friends. Met Arthur from The Biggest Loser and worked out with him and a co-worker. Spent time with friends for a bridal shower and had the guys of my husbands family over for a UFC night. Began posting here, on wordpress, almost exclusively. Bye bye livejournal!

April 2011 - I start making our house OURS

April 2011 - I met Arthur and worked out

May 2011 – Celebrated Beltane with Pat by having a big roast dinner and a lavender and honey cake. Started reading Game of Thrones. Travelled to Calgary to visit my sister and attend her graduation! Attended her grad show (she’s a fine arts grad, so it was a big gallery style show), her graduation and took a road trip to Banff! Exactly the break I needed!

May 2011 - My beltane cake

May 2011 - Me and my sister, at her graduation!

May 2011 - Me in Banff

June 2011 – Had a chemical pregnancy (very early miscarriage), started a journalling project (but never finished), met with a potential new family doctor and had an awful experience. Had a hard time with my Dad’s birthday, which also held some more estate badness which included discovering that things would be delayed significantly. Our A/C broke at home. I turned 28, and had a wonderful time with my husband and my GURL, L. Helped out Pat’s auntie, as she had a benign tumour removed. Wrote my first “article” type posting. The topic? Brazillian Waxes. Celebrated our 1 year Wedding Anniversary by spending a wonderful weekend at a B&B in Merrickville. Started tracking monthly goals. Struggled with depression.

June 2011 - Our B&B in Merrickville

July 2011 – Lost myself in stories – Read The Hunger Games and got deeper into A Song of Ice and Fire. Started watching Dexter and Doctor Who.  Dropped down to part time hours. Went away to a friend’s cottage for the weekend and had a great time. Hosted S&K’s baby shower with S’s mum. Went out with S&K for the END OF HARRY POTTER OMG. Crazy weather = melting Heather with a broken A/C.  S had her baby boy!! Discovered my poor Subaru is indeed deader than a doornail. More estate complications, this time with taxes. Ugh.

July 2011 - Cottage Weekend!

July 2011 - My brand new baby nephew!

August 2011 – Relationship with Pat is best it’s ever been. Also: We found out that we were pregnant!!! WOO! Kept this bit of news to ourselves though, with the exception of our close friends and family.  Unfortunately, this was very quickly followed by a major bad turn in the estate, which resulted in a complete change in the way we communicated and much more involvement from the lawyers. Also, things at work weren’t going well. Lots of time with friends and family, including birthdays and a visit from L. Discovered that we needed to redo our basement due to water damage. Morning Sickness begins.

August 2011 - Special time at home <3

September 2011 – Went to Montreal to visit L and for Maid of Honour duties for her. Major sit down with the lawyer to work on estate stuff. We struggled with the 3 yr. anniversary of Dad’s death. Due to the family drama, I didn’t feel comfortable about going to visit the grave site. I try to be sneaky and hint at baby, but end up outing myself here on the blog and thus, we make our big announcement a few months earlier than planned!  Due to our big life changes, we decided to give up our two snakes :( Met one of our midwives and loved her. Had our first ultrasound. Gifted with a ton of used maternity clothes from my SIL and her friends

September 2011 - On the train to Montreal

September 2011 - Our first ultrasound!

September 2011 - A bitty baby bump

October 2011 – Thanksgiving with the in-laws and discovered that my SIL is pregnant too! Went apple picking with Pat’s best friend and her family. My iphone went for a swim. The Apple store downtown replaced it for me <3 Wearing maternity clothes now! Work troubles continue, as does estate stuff.  Met the other midwife and loved her just as much! Heartbroken over the death of one of my Mum’s friends.  Started talking about finances and how to get the basement done in time for baby’s arrival.

October 2011 - Belly is growing

October 2011 - Thanksgiving and Apple Picking

October 2011 - Samhain

November 2011 – Work stuff continues to be bad. Pat participated in Movember and I baked like a fiend for their fundraising bake sale. One of my knitting friends gifted me with TONS of mat clothes and baby clothes, S gave me all of her office mat clothes,  and a friend of my boss gave us a bunch of used baby items. Hosted dinner at our place for S & K. First time ever <3 Started some holiday crafting. Had “Fake thanksgiving” with Pat’s work friends. Struggled with how to be assertive without being a bitch, and whether being a bitch was a bad thing after all. Had another ultrasound and found out that baby is perfectly healthy and absolutely MALE! We decide on a name (Liam) and share the news. Met with the estate lawyer and started the process of FINALLY ending the estate. Saw one of my oldest friends – Tyler. Decided to focus our energy on getting the house fixed up and settling in rather than planning to move. Went on my first ever job-related trip and bonded with one of my co-workers.

November 2011 - More bump!

November 2011 - Second Ultrasound. Healthy baby!

December 2011 – Refinanced our mortgage and decided to start renos ASAP. Many plans and dreams starting! S&K spent a day with us to get us set up with our baby registry. S, L and my sister, Tracy, got together and bought me a wonderful gift – A gently used maternity winter coat, a starbucks gc and some baby soap.  LOTS of baking. Too much baking – lots of discomfort in my back, neck and pelvic starts. The pelvic pain gets so bad I can barely walk. Pat and I spend Yule together, attend a couple of holiday parties, and then spend Christmas eve with Pat’s brother and his wife, Christmas day with S and her family, and then the 27th with all of my in-laws. We planned on getting the house ready for renos over our break, but instead spent time together. Little development on the estate, but we hope to be done this major step by the end of January. Pat gifts me with a bunch of new Maternity clothes!

December 2011 - My new coat, a gift from my best friends.

December 2011 - I've definitely "popped"

December 2011 - Pat and I together on Christmas

It’s been a crazy year. I can’t believe that in that time I travelled twice, spent that much time with friends and family, struggled so much with the estate and found out we were pregnant! What a whirlwind! I really struggled with acceptance, depression, loss and how to be assertive. At the end of this year, I find myself feeling much more self-aware and self-assured. I am far more aware of who I am and what my limits are. I feel so loved by my friends and new family, and yet also way more independent than I have ever been. Pat and I are closer now than ever before and I feel more in love with him every day.

I’ve been debating my word for 2012. I’m not sure yet, but I’m considering either Healing or Growth. I’m sure I’ll know soon and will try my best to live with that word in mind. Thank you so much, dear readers, for sharing this crazy ride with me. This place has been a refuge for me and has helped me work through some of the best and worst times of my life. Thanks for being there :) Happy 2012 everyone! Hope it’s a great one!

2 thoughts on “2011 in Review

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever posted before, but I’ve followed your blog for ages (I found you through Rav). You’ve been honest about your struggles, and that’s a comfort for those of us who also struggle (it’s nice to know you’re not alone). I know the year got off to a rocky start for you, but I know the end of the year has perked up significantly (healthy baby!). So here’s hoping 2012 is just as good for you, Pat, and (when he gets here) baby Liam.

    • Hi Josie :) I really appreciate that, thank you. Having seen so many of my loved ones struggle through family situations, mental illness, loss, etc… and how important it was to me to talk to them about these things, I really wanted to be honest and open about it. I think too many people put up a front and end up suffering for it.

      Thanks so much for the well wishes! Hope 2012 is great to you as well :)

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