Tuesday Update: Week 25

A peek at the past week (how I’ve been): Week 25 was another busy holiday week for us. Boxing Day involved some shopping for Pat and I. First we hit up Thyme Maternity, as they were having a 50% off boxing week sale, and were adding an additional 30% off on some items. We got me a bunch of shirts and a pair of jeans without breaking the bank. I also picked up a gift for Pat (which unfortunately we needed to return on the 28th, but he managed to find something he liked better anyway – a fancy new gaming headset for his computer -, so it all worked out).

On the 27th, we went over to my SIL’s place for a belated casual holiday dinner. We had a great time visiting and I got to have a great conversation with SIL and her hubby about babies. On the 29th I spent the day with S and her little man, E. We went shopping and had a great time together until we left and saw that someone had had a hit and run with Sarah’s car. Luckily, it was drivable, but we were both super upset. We went to lunch to calm down and then parted ways.

The 30th we did a bit of running around and then for NYE we stuck close to home due to some nasty weather. We rang in the new year on the couch in our living room <3 On the 1st, we bummed around playing video games (Pat got me Skyrim!) and eating food that is terrible for us.

How far along am I? 26 weeks, 1 day.

I am thinking… about how hard it is to be back to work (again, cheating. This is a week 26 thought). Otherwise, how little we accomplished over the break and yet how glad I am that we were able to spend so much time together and with our loved ones.

I am thankful for… the week that I had with my husband. Once the little one comes, our life is going to be very different and who knows when we’ll have the chance to have that much time alone together.

From the kitchen… Nothing new. Living on fast food the last bit due to grocery stores being closed and us being lazy.

I am wearing…Lots of new clothes! Yay for boxing week sales!

I am creating… Nothing right now, aside from baby :P

I am going… to start prenatal classes tonight, which is exciting! We’re definitely doing a lot more planning for when baby gets here. I can’t believe it’s only 4 months and a week away!

I am reading… Some more baby books (my SIL lent me some reads on baby sleep. I’m currently reading this one.) and The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N.K. Jemisin, as well as rereading one of my favourite series: Outlander. Don’t judge me. Those books are AWESOME. I’m actually on Drums of Autumn now.

I am hoping…for some patience, calm, and strength in the new year.

I am hearing… Not much. Haven’t been around my iPhone or music collection lately.

Around the house…Nothing new, yet. Hoping to have the contractor come this week to get things started. We’re starting to ponder sofas too (assuming we have enough money post renos to afford anything). Right now, I’m dreaming about something like this:

One of my favorite things…Muffins. What? It’s been a long standing relationship between me and muffins. In University, it was my on-campus breakfast food of choice (either carrot or lemon cranberry). Of course, that quickly transformed into me having my very own muffin top. Later, when I was working for the engineering company, the guys would go to Timmy’s all the time and bring me back either a fruit explosion or a chocolate chip muffin. SO GOOD and barely healthy enough to be considered breakfast. Now that I work in a college campus and have the appetite of a woman in her 26th week of pregnancy, muffins and I are reunited. I’ve been making bran muffins at home to up my fibre intake, and occasionally supplementing those with carrot muffins from the little coffee stand downstairs. Yum!

Weight Gain: 18 lbs. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, considering how I’ve been eating. Doesn’t make seeing the scale any easier though.
Baby in the Produce World: According to The Bump, we’re now an eggplant. According to Baby Centre, Liam is about the size of a rutabaga.
Movement/Signs of the Baby: The movement has calmed down a bit. We still get a dance when I drink juice or eat meat, but he’s a lot more mellow during the day. Trying to figure out how to distinguish regular kicks and punches from hiccups, because I hear those start soon too.
Cravings and Aversions: Potato, milk and cookies.  Aversions: Not so much an aversion, but I’ve discovered that all those gassy foods are KILLER to me now,  so I’m having to avoid all of my favourite veg :(
Body Changes/Weirdness: Still having pelvic pain, and lots of discomfort in my hips and back if I sit in one position too long. Starting to swell a bit and I am definitely waddling now. Chiro is definitely helping, but I definitely need to take my time getting out of bed and use pillows to support myself better. Also? I have almost no bellybutton left.
Other Random Babeh/Pregnancy thoughts: I’ve been trying to figure out what date to pick as my last work date. I’m debating between March 30th or April 5th. Going to talk to my manager about it this week so that they can start planning for hiring my replacement. Also, I can’t believe we’re a month away from my baby shower!
Other Pictures from this Week:

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