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Tuesday Update: Week 26

A peek at the past week (how I’ve been): Week 26 was my return to work. It was definitely an adjustment to be back on a regular schedule. We hadn’t done groceries in a while, so we ate like crap and started to suffer for it. We started prenatal classes and starting doing a lot more thinking and talking about our baby and our plans for when he gets here.  We finally had a contractor come in to look at the basement. This was all wrapped up with a great weekend. We had a date on Friday (went to see the new Mission Impossible movie), relaxed on Saturday and then teamed up to tackle the house work and some decluttering on Sunday.

How far along am I? 27 weeks, 1 day.

I am thinking… about the renovations and the estate. I hate having to wait on other people before I can act. We’re waiting on an estimate from the contractor (and this whole process is kind of ridiculous. Basically, they want to give us an estimate on cleaning up and removing the mould. Then once that’s been approved and the task completed, then we ask for another estimate on the actual re-build/renovations, then once that’s approved, the real work can start. I’m starting to get nervous that it won’t all be done before the baby gets here. The issue with that is that once the renos are done, we’re moving all of the office and TV stuff down there and making it another living space. Once that’s done, we’ll have a living room/toy room on the main floor and a free bedroom. We’ll then be moving the guest room into this free bedroom and making the guest room the nursery. Yep, so, you see the sequence of events that has to happen before Liam has a room of his own. Luckily, baby won’t need that for a few months as we’re planning on having him sleep in the room with us. Still though, I WANT IT DONE.

The estate is similar. I submitted the accounts way before the holidays. They were then shared with my Dad’s son and the lawyer. My Dad’s son is contesting them, so the lawyer is going to be giving us a proposal for a solution, but he promised that before Christmas, and we’re still waiting. Every week we get a new email about how he’s getting it to us ASAP. I just want this crap done, especially before baby.

I am thankful for… S and my sister Tracy. They have been so good to me the last couple of weeks. S has been dealing with some unpleasant things lately and has been a huge support for me. Tracy and I have been staying in constant contact as we’re both feeling some winter blues.

From the kitchen… I made quesadillas for the first time and LOVED them. They were cheesy chicken, bacon and avocado quesadillas based off of this recipe.

I am wearing…Lots of new clothes! Yay for boxing week sales!

I am creating… Nothing right now, aside from baby :P

I am going… try to get back into prenatal yoga. I’ve put on a bunch of weight over the holidays and it worrying me.

I am reading… Some more baby books (my SIL lent me some reads on baby sleep. I’m currently reading this one.) and The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N.K. Jemisin, as well as rereading one of my favourite series: Outlander. Don’t judge me. Those books are AWESOME. I’m actually on Drums of Autumn now.

I am hoping…for another great prenatal class tonight and some news about our renos and the estate.

I am hearing… Not much. Haven’t been around my iPhone or music collection lately.

Around the house…Lots of decluttering, cleaning and planning.

One of my favorite things…These days? Breast pads. I’ll get into that later.

Weight Gain: 23 lbs. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, considering how I’ve been eating. Doesn’t make seeing the scale any easier though.
Baby in the Produce World: According to The Bump, we’re still an eggplant. According to Baby Centre, Liam was the size of a English hothouse cucumber
Movement/Signs of the Baby: Movement was still pretty mellow, but starting to ramp up. Hiccups are becoming more apparent, I think. It’s hard to look back and remember, so I’m going to cheat and write about the last couple of days. Liam has been LOVING a good solid game of “Kick the bladder” and is big enough that I can pretty much tell where he is by what I’m feeling.
Cravings and Aversions: Muffins, milk, cake, and cheeeeeese.  Aversions: Not so much an aversion, but I’ve discovered that all those gassy foods are KILLER to me now,  so I’m having to avoid all of my favourite veg :(
Body Changes/Weirdness: Still having pelvic pain, and lots of discomfort in my hips and back if I sit in one position too long. I also had some numbness starting, which I’ll be bringing up with the midwife. Starting to swell a bit and I am definitely waddling now. Bellybutton is almost completely gone. It is a belly dimple. Belly is feeling very heavy and the minute I stand up, I feel like I’m going to pee. Weee! This has necessitated the purchase of some really lovely sanitary items that don’t make me feel very Poised at all. Another of the…less pleasant changes is that my boob leaking is at an all time high. I am wearing reusable cotton breast pads daily now, just in case. I’m not leaking constantly, but when I do, it’s pretty epic. Ah, the glamourous life of a pregnancy woman entering her third trimester.
Other Random Babeh/Pregnancy thoughts: So I talked to my manager about my mat leave and we’ve decided on the 5th of April as a tentative date, with the possibility of leaving earlier if necessary still being on the table. Unfortunately, she also made it clear that I probably won’t have a job to come back to. Pat and I have been talking a lot about our birth plan (I’ve actually started a draft), and what we’d like for the birth. He amazes me every day with how much he already loves this little boy and how involved he wants to be (At this point, he’s said that he’s interested in catching Liam! Gotta talk to the midwife about that one!).
I can’t believe how quickly this pregnancy is going. I mean, according to some sources I’m either approaching or already in the third trimester (I’m going with Week 28 personally). In just over 3 weeks, I’ll be attending my baby shower. In 11 weeks I’m done work and will be having a little boy. What the hell?
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