News in the New Year

I can’t believe it’s already half way through January. It’s strange starting into my third trimester. Time seems to be speeding past and dragging its heels, all at the same time. This month seems to be a perfect example of that. I’m still waiting on reno decisions and more news from the estate lawyer. Meanwhile, it’s only 3 weeks until my baby shower, and I have some personal news.

The first bit of news is pure vanity. I’ve been talking about it since the summer: My hair. I seem to go through phases of long long hair that drives me nuts, then a drastic cut, then I grow it out and get bored again, then it gets long and it drives me nuts.

For example, some of my styles over the years:

Isaac and I, in High School

Then, I cut it all off after a relationship went to hell

Me, in University with super long hair

Me, with my posse, later that year, with short hair

Me, the next year, with longer hair. Growing it out.

The next year, with shorter and browner hair

Then there was the day that I went from this:

From This

To This

That expression, by the way, was my complete uncertainty as whether or not I should be smiling or crying.

I’ve been all different colours:

From the blonde hippie teenager

To sleek auburns

to whimsy strawberry blonde

To crazy red

To rich brown

I think the only coloura I haven’t had is black or straight up brown (without red tones)

So, the last few months I’ve been feeling totally overwhelmed and annoyed with my boring long locks. I haven’t dyed it since before our honeymoon in 2010, so the colour is mostly mine now. It’s only been cut once since then too, and that’s after growing it out for the wedding. So, as you’ve seen from pictures recently, it’s been pretty long:

Well, yesterday I bit the bullet and went to my favourite salon. I needed a cut, at very least, just to make my hair healthy again. I needed a style – I have naturally curly hair and it needs layers. Also – and this scared me a bit – I wanted to try bangs. It’s been YEARS since I’ve had anything resembling bangs, and most hair dressers would flat out refuse me when I asked. I was set on getting them this time. This is the result of my efforts:

Taa Daa!!


I’m really happy with how it turned out! I’m still getting used to the bangs. I think I may actually need to pick up a new brush and blow dryers for styling, but man, am I ever pumped for a change! What do you think?

The next bit of news has much less to do with my vanity and looks, and way more to do with my presence. I’ve talked about this a lot over the history of this blog: I’ve been doing the website thing for a while now. In fact, I can’t even remember when I made my first one (it was a Sailor Moon fan site, on geocities. I believe I was about 13 at the time, so that would be 1996 or so?). The last few years, I had a useless page marker page on my own server. It was totally outdated and I hated the content I had up there (It used to include a gallery of my art, some info on my roleplaying group that no longer exists and a bunch of my writing), so I let the domain die and cancelled the account.

When my dad died in 2008, I had ever intention of taking over his site (and took over paying for the domain and the hosting), but after coming up with a draft for it, I forgot about it. A couple of months ago, I decided I wanted to get back out there. I love web design, but I totally lack any graphic design skills and my knowledge is a bit outdated these days, so I was a little afraid of putting myself out there, only to have it turn out like a bad html page from ’94.

It took a while, but I’m pretty proud with what I’ve come up with:

Setting Roots is a personal and family site. I’m hosting my Dad’s original page, and I’ve created some pages to honour both him and my Mum. I link to my sister’s art blog, and I plan on hosting my husband’s gaming forum. I have a section for family recipes and photos. I figure with Baby L’s imminent arrival, I wanted something out there to act as a hub or an anchor. I wanted family and friends to be able to access good quality versions of our family photographs and a place to grab my chocolate chip cookie recipe if I was too busy to get back to them. I wanted to honour my family, old and new. I think I’ve managed to accomplish that :) I hope you enjoy the look of it. I’m hoping to have it up and live by the end of this weekend (I’m sorting out some hosting issues as we speak). It’s definitely a work in progress, but I’m proud of it.

Meanwhile, another one of my articles has been published on the Ottawa Mommy Club blog page if you want to check it out (I’ve started a series on “Things they don’t tell you about pregnancy”. This is the first in that series :))

So, definitely some changes. Just enough to keep me motivated and looking forward to what’s to come :D

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