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Baby Crafts – The Knit List

There are some benefits to being home sick for a week. Not many, mind you, but one big one is that I’ve had a lot of time to think.

In the last couple of days, I’ve drafted our birth plan, our Before Baby Gets Here To Do List and our Hospital Bag Packing List. On top of that, I’ve started narrowing down what I’d like to craft before bambino L arrives. Seeing as how this blog started out with the intention of being somewhat craft related, I figured this would make for a great place and time to share my thoughts. Enjoy!

Knitted Items:

  • Booties
Little Button Loafers

These Little Button Loafers are adorable. I love them. They are the perfect mix of Old Man and Function that I crave in my baby boy knits. My only concern is the little itty bitty buttons. I can’t help but hear my mother’s voice remind me “NO BUTTONS ON BABY WEAR!”. What do you think? Death trap, or adorable footwear?

Blue Steps

 Blue Steps is an adorable basic baby booties that some how reads a bit more boy to me than most basic patterns. Look pretty straight forward too. A good “Coming Home” Booties perhaps?

Contrast Edge Slippers

 Contrast Edge Slippers, these booties are pretty basic, a little rustic and really cute. They are also the first pair from the amazing book 50 Baby Bootees To Knit. I can’t recommend it enough.

Pirate Bootees

 Pirate Bootees, another great find from 50 Baby Bootees to Knit. These ones are just nautical enough to tickle my fancy and to match a really cute onesie I got for L a few months ago (all anchors, adorable!). Definitely a must knit.

Textured Cuff Baby Bootees

These Textured Cuff Baby Bootees are another 50 Baby Bootees to Knit find. Very versatile and really cute. Another simple pattern, but really sweet.

  • Hats

Hunter. I love this pattern. It’s so…perfect. The yarn, the colour, the baby. Everything. A must make for sure.

Teddy Bear Earflap Beanie

This Teddy Bear hat is pretty much the cutest thing ever. Unfortunately, it’s crocheted. That scares the crap out of me, considering I don’t crochet. At all. My mother tried to teach me a million times, but it never happened. Will my love for this hat overcome my fears and push me forward? Only time will tell.

Boo Hat

Boo Hat may be a good option if I can’t figure out the crochet of the bear hat. Not quite as cute, but it may do the trick.

Hoot Hat

Hoot Hat is amazing. It’s perfect. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed a lot of the projects attempted of this pattern haven’t turned out quite the same. I’m still going to give it a go, but for a 9.00$ pattern, especially for a baby hat, that’s quite the risk.

  • Sweaters
Baby Yoda Sweater

Baby Yoda Sweater is the first sweater I considered for Baby L, especially as a Coming Home sweater. It’s simple, it’s warm and I think it would be a really sweet first sweater.It’s not too fussy, which will be key in dressing a newborn.

Ribbed Baby Jacket

 Ribbed Baby Jacket is so handsome. I love how simple and clean it is. It’s really charming and looks like it would be another great 0-3 baby sweater. In fact, it’s slowly creeping into first place, past Yoda.

Tweedy Boy

 Tweedy Boy is gorgeous. I may even already have the perfect yarn for it. I do think, however, that it’s too heavy for April, and it would be a shame to make this in 0-3 sizing, only to have it never really be worn, so I’m thinking this will be something I knit in the 6-9 month range and save it for the fall. Definitely on the “Must Knit” list, however not as a priority.


 Gramps is my favourite thing. Pretty much ever. This sweater is exactly what I want to make for my baby boy. It’s perfect, it’s sweet. I want it. I need it. Again though, like Tweedy Boy, I think it would get way more wear if I make it for the fall, rather than the newborn in the spring. Makes me sad, but I think in the long run, it’s for the best if I wait for something this awesome. (The other option is to make two…don’t even let me consider that one, because it sounds AWESOME)

Baby Yours

Baby Yours is a perfect example of all the sweaters that I am typically a sucker for. Cabled. Interesting construction. Tweedy yarns. Is it too fussy for a baby? Or is it a perfect “Dress Up” sweater? Is it too much for a spring baby? Will he ever wear it, or should it wait too?

  • Blankets

Before I get into this section, I’d like to say that I’m not really convinced that these will happen. I already know I have at least two gifted blankets on the way, on top of my own baby blanket which I still have. Having said that, these are the baby blankets that I adore and lust over.


Waffles is gorgeous. It’s rich and lovely, but looks like a slow pain to knit. Worth it, knowing that it will be abused and covered in vomit and poop? Hrm.


 Tiramisu. I love this sweet blanket. Yes, it’s crocheted, but it is everything “Baby” to me. Unfortunately, I don’t feel like it’s the right fit for our baby, right now. Next time?

Sunshine Day

 Sunshine Day is another beautiful Alicia Paulson creation (again, crocheted) that I absolutely love. Again, it’s not quite right for Liam, so I’ll keep this in my queue for later.

Purl Dreams

 Purl Dreams is another favourite. I love this blanket. It’s simple, sweet, and so cozy looking.

Baby Babar

Baby Babar is just as wonderful as Purl Dreams. Lovely.

  • Other

Miittens. This is a great Knitty pattern. I am planning on making these for Coming Home and general Keep Baby From Damaging Himself.

Kanoko Pants

 Kanoko Pants are gorgeous. I love these and Baby L shall have them. Perfect for keeping his chubby little legs warm before summer.


 Vanilla is a great soaker pattern. We’re not sure about cloth diapering yet or not, but I really like the idea of keeping his little bum covered, cute and warm. I plan on making a few of these. Maybe. If I ever actually start knitting any of these things.

Well, that’s it for now. I will add other plans in a later post. Hope these have inspired you, or at least given you a look into my twisted mama brain :D

2 thoughts on “Baby Crafts – The Knit List”

  1. I love that we posted about baby booties on the same day :) Those are some adorable baby things!! I’m definitely inspired. I hadn’t thought of the button issue. I just gave a pair of booties with buttons to my friend. I did put them on there pretty tight (I’m a perfectionist when it comes to weaving in ends so that they don’t pop out and making sure buttons stay on). Something to consider for future baby crocheting, for sure.

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