Tuesday Update – Week 30

A peek at the past week (how I’ve been): Week 30 was a definite improvement over week 29! It was a very busy week for me! Tuesday afternoon I was joined by Jan for my last ultrasound! When I had my anatomy ultrasound they discovered that my placenta was quite low and wanted to keep an eye on it to make sure I didn’t develop placenta previa (which would have most likely resulted in a C-Section). I was pretty nervous, but we got some great news! Baby L is doing amazing and my placenta is exactly where it needs to be!

Baby L's big ol' noggin! He takes after me, apparently.

Jan and I had a great chat and really bonded over the ultrasound. That evening was prenatal class as well. Wednesday I had a massage. Thursday was my first solo trip to the midwife’s. The appointment went really well and Baby L’s heartbeat was great at around 136. He’s head down, with his little bum turned to the right a bit. Saturday I took a bit of a Me-Day. I went to the craft shop to get some baby craft items and then got a mani-pedi. Later, we had a bit of a date night  (we watched The Thing). While watching the movie, I started my first baby project:

Boo Hat

Sunday morning, bright and early, I had my Baby Shower! Jan and my good friend S hosted at Jan’s place. I was completely spoiled and had an amazing time.  Here’s a shot from the festivities:

Yep. I am wearing a bee hat.

How far along am I? 31 weeks, 1 day.

I am thinking…about everything that needs to be done at home! EEP! I had another baby related nightmare. This one, I went into preterm labour and we didn’t have anything ready for baby. Obviously I’m stressing a bit about this.

I am thankful for… S and Jan, for hosting the best baby shower ever, as well as all the friends and family who took the time from their busy lives to attend my shower and spoil us rotten.

From the kitchen… Not much! With renos, appointments, death plagues and showers, I haven’t been cooking much. I do have the fixin’s for another round of stew though, so that’ll happen some time this week.

I am wearing… Work clothes. I’m finding I’m CRAZY warm lately, so I’m trying to focus on layers and breathable fabrics.

I am creating…The Boo Hat, with the materials for the Yoda sweater purchased and waiting, as well as the materials for a felt mobile (I’m planning robots!)

I am going… to try to keep my head on straight while renovations continue and we near my due date. I know we can get this all done, and panicking doesn’t help anyone.

I am reading… Some more baby books (I’m now reading this book, which was a gift from Jan and her family) and The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N.K. Jemisin, as well as rereading one of my favourite series: Outlander. Don’t judge me. Those books are AWESOME. I’m actually on A Breath of Snow and Ashes now.

I am hoping…that the reno issues we’ve been having get sorted out (we think we finally found the source of the water and bugs – a lack of insulation around the basement window), but they haven’t removed the mouldy insulation and our new window may take 4 weeks to come in. Not good news :(

I am hearing…Some of my old favourites, to calm my nerves. Lots of Neko Case (pretty much the soundtrack of this pregnancy), some Tori, some Weepies, some Mumford and Sons and some Florence and the Machine.

Around the house…Renos, boxes and baby stuff! It’s a MESS right now!

One of my favorite things…the banana bread that Jan sent us home with after the shower. SO GOOD.

Weight Gain: It was about 26lbs, but then I got sick. I lost about 15lbs, but have gained most of it back now that I’m eating and drinking again. I think it’s around 22lbs total.
Baby in the Produce World: According to The Bump, we’re still a squash. According to Baby Centre, Liam was the size of large cabbage
Movement/Signs of the Baby: Lots of movement! He is definitely getting bigger, because I feel a whole lot more than I used to, especially at night.
Cravings and Aversions: Recently I’ve been craving egg rolls. No idea why. Same as always: Muffins, milk, cake, and cookies. Sweet tooth much? Oh, and occasionally hamburgers.  Aversions: Not so much an aversion, but I’ve discovered that all those gassy foods are KILLER to me now,  so I’m having to avoid all of my favourite veg :(
Body Changes/Weirdness: Pelvic pain is back, with a feeling like L is way down low in there. Otherwise, Same as always. Bellybutton Watch 2012 -Still an innie, but now there’s some strange bruising/discolouration around it.   Otherwise, the leaking of the boobs continues and I’m definitely feeling baby more. Many aches and pains, especially when sitting. I’ve started prenatal yoga again in the hopes of working through some of this. Sleep has been nearly impossible for me lately. I have to pee ALL THE TIME, even if I really don’t.
Other Random Babeh/Pregnancy thoughts: I’m starting to plot what we need for labour, what we need at home, etc… and am starting to make lists. NEED TO BE PREPARED. Why do I keep thinking “The best laid plans…” every time I talk about being prepared? Probably not a good sign :P
Other Pictures from this Week:

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