The pressure’s on – February Goals

So, I think I’m reaching that stage of pregnancy where you feel really overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done, right around the same time that you realize that baby is arriving soon. I tend to feel this way right in the middle of a project. You know what I mean – scraps and material everywhere, the end is still far off, but you’re in too deep to stop now. You start to wonder – Did I bite off more than I could chew? Can I do this?

I’m 31 weeks pregnant with my first child. My house is a disaster and I had take out two nights in a row this week. I am no where near done with my intended baby crafts, not to mention the no-where-near-done state of our basement reno, which of course means Operation DeClutter is at a stand still, as is Operation Move Office to Basement, Operation Move Guest Room into Office and Operation Make Guest Room a Nursery. Somewhere in there, we also need to settle the estate, buy new furniture and, hopefully, a new car. All before Baby’s Arrival. Now, I know, deep down, that None Of This Has To Be Done Before Baby. We will survive quite happily the way we are as long as we need to. I just would love for all these loose ends to be tied up and put away, as planned. Ah, what’s that saying about the best laid plans? :P

Anyway, in that spirit, I’m going to try to revive my old monthly goal list, to see if maybe that’ll inspire me to get stuff done. We shall see!

February’s Goals:

1. Financial/Admin

  • Pay off the tiny bit currently on CCs
  • Keep a close eye on the reno/furniture/baby fund
  • Declutter and file all of the estate papers. Perhaps box them up?
  • Sort through all of the House related paper work, archive or destroy as needed
  • Get some cheques printed from our chequing account
  • Order Pat’s and Pat’s Dad’s long form birth certificate

2. Work

  • Submit official paper work for mat leave

3. House

  • Start decluttering the office, including the closet.
  • Go through all of the cupboards in each bathroom.
  • Keep on top of laundry and tidying
  • Get 90% of basement renos done
  • Start looking at couches
  • Get Pat and Jan to pick a layout
  • Get Pat and Jan to pick a paint colour

4. Baby Related

  • Start packing hospital bag
  • Attempt to install car seat
  • Make a list of items we still need
  • Finish Baby Hat and Start on Yoda Sweater
  • Start on Mobile
  • Continuing reading and researching

5. Fitness/Health

  • Try to continue with prenatal yoga and my walks
  • Take my iron, prenatal and zantac pills

6. Mental Health/Personal Wellness

  • Knit
  • Lots of baths
  • Read for fun
  • Hang out with friends
  • Dates with Pat
Hopefully none of that is too much or too overwhelming.

One thought on “The pressure’s on – February Goals

  1. ah! that looks insane.

    but i have total confidence that even were you to give birth in the kitchen with Byron as midwife and had to use a dish towel as a swaddling cloth and a mixing bowl as a bassinette you would be as successful as if you were adhering strictly to these plans.

    you can do anything, and i believe in you!

    now get knitting. that chil’ won’t knit his own self a sweater *say this as sassy Southern lady*

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