Saturday Update – Week 33

It’s strange, writing this post when I’m almost through week 34. Having said that, I can’t imagine updating in “real time” because of how much goes on in a week these days. So, back to task:

A peek at the past week (how I’ve been): Week 33 went like this. It ended up being less eventful in terms of social events due to more eventfulness in baby land. I’ll get to that in a minute. First, I got some news that some friends are also pregnant! There must be something in the water this year! It was also the first full week for me alone at work – My co-worker had left on her vacation the week before, but this was the first full week for me in both her role and my own. Luckily, it was spring break on campus so it wasn’t as busy as I anticipated, but much more stressful too. Unfortunately, a combination of this stress and the weather decided to return to winter here in Ottawa. On Friday, during a massive snow storm, I had my first real experience with what many call “false labour”. I had intense contractions on the long delayed bus ride home which resulted in cancelled plans for the rest of the weekend, including my Blessingway. I was crushed, but I absolutely needed the time to relax. Later in the weekend, Pat and I went shopping (I got some makeup I’ve been coveting forever at Sephora:

Make Up Forever HD Invisible Foundation

NARS Orgasm blush

We then stopped by Zellers, which was having a baby sale, and picked up some Must Haves, including some sleepers, some diapers and some creams.  We then did some groceries and relaxed for the rest of the weekend. We did take the dog for a beautiful walk at a local dog park, which did wonders for my mood and my hips.

How far along am I right now? 34 weeks, 4 day.

I am thinking…about baby’s arrival and what we need to do between now and then. The Braxton Hicks contractions definitely made everything seem more real and more…imminent. I felt really good about buying some basics, and feeling a bit more prepared.

I am thankful for… My husband, who is in my corner, no matter what. He is now trying to get me to leave work earlier than planned to combat the stress its been causing me.

From the kitchen… Not much, to be honest. The only new addition to our routine is a baked penne dish that I got from All Recipes. One of these days I’ll write it all down for you. It’s tasty :)

I am wearing… It’s casual friday, so I’m wearing some boot cut mat jeans from Thyme Maternity and my favourite green mat top.

I am creating…Nothing right now. The hat is on hold, and I haven’t started the yoda sweater yet. Too busy and too exhausted.

I am going… to have my taxes done by a lovely lady near our home. Then, hopefully see one of my favourite people in the whole world today, while she’s in town for work :D Tomorrow I get to sign some final estate stuff (!!!) and then have lunch with S and pick up some knitting needles to get back on track with the Boo Hat.

I am reading… Some more baby books (I’m now reading this one, which was highly recommended to us during prenatal class).  Still working my way through rereading one of my favourite series: Outlander. I’m currently on A Breath of Snow and Ashes now.

I am hoping…that this weekend goes well. I need the break!

I am hearing…Still loving Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars’ new song. SO GOOD.

Around the house…The basement is almost done! We’re waiting on the window now, so hopefully we’ll pick some paint colours this weekend and start planning the move of things!

One of my favorite things…My online community in WB and on Ravelry. If it weren’t for those ladies, I would have lost my mind through this pregnancy.

Weight Gain: 31lbs as of last night
Baby in the Produce World: According to The Bump, we’re now a honeydew melon. According to Baby Centre, Liam weighs as much as a pineapple. Mmmm. Pineapple.
Movement/Signs of the Baby: Lots of movement! He wiggles, he stretches, punches and kicks. He is now kicking me in places I do not want to be kicked (like my cervix, for example). He is so strong and wiggly that Pat can now see the movement from the other side of the room.
Cravings and Aversions: Same as last week – Recently I’ve been craving Mr. Big chocolate bars, egg rolls. No idea why. Same as always: Muffins, milk, cake, and cookies. Sweet tooth much? Oh, and occasionally hamburgers.  Aversions: Red Meat is back with a vengeance, with certain exceptions. Not so much an aversion, but I’ve discovered that all those gassy foods are KILLER to me now,  so I’m having to avoid all of my favourite veg :(
Body Changes/Weirdness: Swollen, sore feet. Pelvic pain, waddling, lots of stretch marks, dry skin, acne, and my bellybutton is now a weird innie/outie hybrid.
Other Random Babeh/Pregnancy thoughts: The thought of preterm labour scares the CRAP out of me, but I’m starting to feel a bit more prepared. I am definitely at the stage of pregnancy that I want to just sleep and hide in my room. I feel huge and gross, swollen and unattractive. I’m not at the point that I just want baby out, but man, it’s close.
Other Pictures from this Week:

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