Tuesday Update – Week 34

A peek at the past week (how I’ve been): As you can tell by my last updating coming in on Saturday instead of Tuesday, it was a rough week for us. Here is my attempt to get everything back on schedule. The week (Feb 27 – Mar 2nd) started out with some issues concerning the renovation – They found mould in our laundry room so we had to unexpectedly add that to the To Do List. They gutted the room before the week started, but it meant that we were unexpectedly without access to laundry.

On Monday morning, at work, I had another bought of braxton hicks. This time, however, seemed different. They were MUCH more intense than I expected. I could barely concentrate through them. However, getting up and walking, peeing and moving around seemed to make them fade. I called the midwife and spoke with her student as she was in an appointment, who then immediately transferred me to the first available midwife in the office because they were concerned I was in preterm labour! We talked it through, and we decided that unless things developed a rhythm or my water broke, I was fine. I stayed at work to keep myself busy and by the time the end of the day rolled around, they had stopped and I was fine.

The next day I was very sore. Much like the feeling you get after a charlie horse, my belly and back were very tender. I had a few more contractions over the span of the week, but nothing like that Monday. It really brought home the reality of our situation, and how close we were to having this little guy arrive. I really felt panicked. Luckily, that evening, a co-worker of Pat’s decided to gift us with her bassinet and vibratey chair thing (which are apparently referred to as Bouncers or Rockers.) This is the one she gave us:

I felt so much better knowing that he would at least have somewhere to sleep that wasn’t a laundry basket.

The rest of the week was a bit of a blur. They finished the laundry room, so we had laundry access again. It was my final week alone in my role, while my co-worker was off on vacation, and it was a CRAZY busy week. I’m sure that’s what caused the contractions, but I was so emotionally done by the end. On friday, on my way home, I popped by the bathroom for my nightly “On My Way Home” ritual of peeing before the bus ride. I dropped my pair of mittens on my way out of the stall, so I squatted down to pick them up and felt a distinct “POP” in my belly. Oh crap, I declared. Everyone has always told me that water breaking felt like a popping, so I was sure I had just forced myself into preterm labour. I waited for the tell-tale gushing, leaking, trickle, whatever of my water breaking but nothing happened. I carefully and quickly made my way home, via public transportation (I really need a car. Like, now.) Again, nothing ever came of it, but it was another scare that we didn’t need (not that it’s really a scare, but preterm labour is NOT in the plan).

I had had plans with my pixie from Montreal, but she ended up having stomach unhappiness so we cancelled. The night was instead spent relaxing and watching TV before I crashed at around 9:30. Contractions and preterm fears are just a little exhausting.

Saturday involved a trip to the other end of town to work on some “finishing up the estate” business and then we did some “Just Cause” shopping. We got Pat some nice new Doc Marten’s (so jealous! My feet won’t fit in ANYTHING) and Liam some freaking amazing Star Wars shoes:

Yep. Our kid will be the coolest kid EVER. After some shopping, we were off to have lunch with S, her kids and her Mum. There we were completely spoiled by her. She gave us a ton of much needed stuff for me and Liam (including but not limited to: A birth ball, My Breast Friend BFing pillow, a ton of clothes, a Moses Basket). Yep, I cried like a baby and then we went home. There, I did the Epic Laundry of Baby Stuff. I got EVERYTHING washed and put away in Liam’s dresser. It felt like a massive accomplishment. I packed his Coming Home outfit in the Hospital Bag and packed a few more of my things.

Sunday, we did some minor tidying around the house and then went over to visit Jan, Cathy and the girls for Sunday Family dinner. We had a great time and chatted a lot about baby and our plans. It was a great time and a great end to a really hard week.

How far along am I right now? 35 weeks, 1 day.

I am thinking…about tonight. After 15 years with our family, our Ancient Kitty, Mystie, is being put down. I am completely and totally heart broken :(

Mystie, about 6 years ago.

She was adopted into our family when she was 2. I think I was about 13 at the time. I was so excited to have a cat in the house! Unfortunately, TV had given me unrealistic expectations and so when we picked her up I went for immediate cuddles and got clawed. Thus began our tumultuous relationship that has spanned a decade and a half. She almost immediately became my sister’s cat, living in her room and demanding love from her. During this time, she really only paid enough attention to me to pee in my laundry, on my school bag, in my bed and to swipe at me when I walked by. When Tracy moved out, she adopted my father instead, having daily rituals of sharing his morning cereal, demanding attention when he read the paper and sleeping with him during his afternoon naps. It was during this time that she warmed up to me a bit, allowing me to pet her. After Dad passed, she went to Mum, spending all of her time with Mum in the basement near the gas fireplace. Mum and Mystie would have ridiculous chats (Mystie would grumble for food and Mum would patronize her). By then, she was much less picky about who she would accept affection from. When Mum passed, Mystie ended up coming home with Pat and I. In typical Mystie fashion, instead of warming up to me or integrated herself into our home, she hide in our office, antagonized the rest of the animals and really only showed any love for my husband.

Mystie, in one of her favourite spots in my Mum's house

We kept hoping she would eventually come down and become a part of our family, but she never did. She stayed in that room, and slowly started to decline. She lost a lot of weight, she was puking all the time, all over the place and eventually stopped using the litter box (she uses a corner in the office, sigh). She can’t clean herself, but attacks anyone who does anything more than brush her, so she’s badly matted as a result. More recently, she is unable to jump up or walk very far. She walks with a very pronounce limp. WIth Liam coming, we just can’t maintain her quality of life. She’s suffering and I can’t do that to her. It’s been two years that she’s been with us. She’s 17 years old this summer, and I refuse to medicate an animal to extend her life, solely for our sakes.

Tonight, after work, Pat is bringing her to the vet. He is being amazing about this and letting me stay home to sob in private. After putting our family dog down about 5 years ago, I know I won’t be able to handle it myself, especially while pregnant. It was honestly one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, and I can’t put myself through that right now, especially with the stress issues I’ve been having.

I am thankful for… My husband, still and always. He has been fighting for me, every day, to leave my job behind so that I don’t have that stress in my life. He doesn’t care about the financial trouble it would cause us. He just wants me to be healthy and happy.

From the kitchen… Not much, especially last week. I was just too tired.

I am wearing… Work clothes. Booooo. Unfortunately, my feet are so bad these days, “work clothes” includes Mary Jane styled crocs.

I am creating…Nothing new

I am going…to dinner with Pat’s aunt and uncle tomorrow, and then to my Manager’s home on Friday for my work baby shower :D

I am reading… Still working my way through rereading one of my favourite series: Outlander. I’m currently on Echo in the Bone now.

I am hoping…that we get good news about the basement window, so that we can get everything moved down there ASAP and get this nursery going.

I am hearing…Lots of calming music. Last night it was Loreena McKennitt while I had a bath. Lots of Mumford and Sons, Tori, Sarah Harmer, and Neko Case.

Around the house…Cleaning and decluttering while we wait for the basement to be finished. I’m starting to nest a bit – I’ve been trying to get baby stuff together, and plan where I want things to go. Tonight, Jan is coming over to help Pat choose a paint colour and make a general plan for the basement design.

One of my favorite things…Slip on shoes. My poor poor swollen feet! I recently ordered these:

Weight Gain: Not sure. I haven’t weighed myself this week. Last I checked, it was 31lbs

 Baby in the Produce World: According to The Bump, we’re now a honeydew melon. According to Baby Centre, Liam weighs as much as an average cantaloupe. Whoa.
Movement/Signs of the Baby: Lots of movement! He’s feeling HUGE, so it feels like he’s everywhere. Lots of kicks in awkward places (Stop kicking my butt from the inside, little man. It makes Mama uncomfortable)
Cravings and Aversions: Nothing new. Still loving milk and sweet things. Craving hamburgers every so often. Still hating the smell of other people’s coffee. Also? Not a huge cheese fan lately.
Body Changes/Weirdness: Well, it’s pretty obvious for this week. What seems like prelabour or Braxton hicks, so: Contractions/cramping, weird popping noises in my belly, bad gas, digestive issues, exhaustion, soreness in my hips and pelvis, badly swollen feet. It’s fun to be me right now. Also? The ladies at work report that my belly looks like Liam may have dropped. Good times.
Other Random Babeh/Pregnancy thoughts: I have absolutely no idea how to dress this child. At all. Baby clothes – How do they work?
Other Pictures from this Week:

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Update – Week 34

  1. Wow honey, you’re so close!! You look fantastic! Sending you wishes for some relaxation!! You’re doing an amazing job, you’ve got this, you really do. Just believe in yourself and know that the Goddess is looking after you & your little Liam.

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