Wednesday Update – Week 36


A peek at the past week (how I’ve been): Week 36 was definitely another rollercoaster. On one hand, it was my last week at work before starting Mat Leave. On the other, we hit some walls with the renos/decluttering that had me really stressed and frustrated.

The week started out a bit rough. One of my co-workers was having a really hard time with me leaving and did everything she could to make it clear she wasn’t impressed without actually talking to me about it. She talked down about my position as much as she could, she talked about my potential replacements, how I was abandoning her, etc… In fact, at one point, she told me a story about how a friend of hers from work actually thought i was just giantly over weight, and didn’t understand why I needed a replacement. Yep. That was fun.

Pat and I then had trouble filing our taxes with H&R Block. Basically, our schedules didn’t match up and the whole process took about 4-5 visits over 3 weeks. I was not impressed.

THEN, about midweek, Pat and I hit a wall with renos. We were both exhausted, both frustrated and basically, quit. Nothing was getting done, and I was not happy about it.  Thankfully, this is about when things started to turn around. My colleagues at work took me out for a Goodbye Lunch which was lovely, we FINALLY got the taxes done, and Pat finished 90% of the painting. I got some major decluttering accomplished, and found out I’m GBS negative (woo!). Also, as you saw from my last post, the estate wrapped up. To wrap this whole thing up, Pat’s BFF Jan brought her family by again and we got most of the office moved into the basement. The dining room is now back to being a dining room, our front closet has been reorganized, and the kitchen has been started. The office-soon-to-be-guest-room has been cleared and now just needs a solid cleaning before we can move the bed and furniture in there.

Feeling so relieved and accomplished!

How far along am I right now? 37 weeks, 2 day.

I am thinking…about what’s left to do. I may add a little check list at the end of these posts to show you and to keep track for myself.

I am thankful for… Maternity leave. Honestly, I am doing so much better this week. So much more me. Turns out Pat was right ;)

From the kitchen… Nothing fancy! I am plotting my freezer meals though! A post to come on that.

I am wearing… PJs! Because I can! It’s been CRAZY hot here in Ottawa lately. Like, our normal weather for this time of year is between -2 celcius and 10 celcius. This week? We’ve been averaging summer weather (25-30 degrees!!). As a result, we’re going to pick me up a few cheap summery items so that I can survive the next couple of weeks.

I am creating…The finishing touches on Liam’s hat. It’s just missing the ears!

I am going…to try to stay productive. Jan is coming over today to help me with some unpacking in the office and maybe to work on the kitchen some more. Also, we’re buying our new furniture for the basement and our seating area upstairs. This weekend, I’m getting a pedicure with S, visiting my work peeps as they do Relay For Life in honour of my mother and then we’re getting our mat photos done!

I am reading… Still working my way through rereading one of my favourite series: Outlander. I’m currently on Echo in the Bone now.

I am hoping…that Liam stays put for a little while yet. There’s still so much to do! Also, I hope our mat photos turn out!

I am hearing…Lots of calming music. Last night it was Loreena McKennitt while I had a bath. Lots of Mumford and Sons, Tori, Sarah Harmer, and Neko Case.

Around the house…Lots of work!

Currently Done:

  • Basement painting (only a bit left, but we’re waiting until all the furniture is down to do the stairwell, as its getting dinged and scratched)
  • Move Office Downstairs
  • Decluttered and reorganized front closet
  • Decluttered and reorganized dining room
  • Set up organization system in basement
  • Do all baby laundry and sort clothes
  • Start packing hospital bag
  • Buy Nursing tanks

To Do:

  • Set up Office downstairs
  • Set up TV space downstairs
  • Buy new furniture
  • Clean out Soon-To-Be-Guest-Room
  • Move furniture into guest room
  • Set up guest room
  • Declutter and reorganize kitchen
  • Declutter and reorganize bedroom
  • Declutter and reorganize living room
  • Declutter and reorganize bathrooms
  • Buy the remaining baby essentials
  • Set up nursery
  • Confirm hospital bag is packed
  • Make freezer meals
  • Sell Subaru
  • Buy new family vehicle
  • Set up car seat
  • Cleanse Quilt of Hate into Quilt of Love
  • Do maternity photos
  • Get rid of current living room furniture.

One of my favorite things…Acetaminophen. Let’s just say I’ve been sore.

Weight Gain: Total, about 34 lbs.

Baby in the Produce World: According to The Bump, we’re now a honeydew melon.  Baby Centre says he’s actually closer to a crenshaw melon. Ok.
Movement/Signs of the Baby: VERY ACTIVE. Ow. His favourite hobby seems to be punching my cervix and my butt from the inside. Yes. My butt. From the inside.
Cravings and Aversions: Random new aversion: Eggs. Seriously, the thought of eating an egg in any form makes me want to barf. ick.
Body Changes/Weirdness: Lots more stretch marks, HUGE belly, very swollen feet and the latest addition: Sore finger joints and knuckles. Yay for water retention!
Other Random Babeh/Pregnancy thoughts: This baby could arrive at ANY TIME now and be perfectly healthy. I am not ready, baby! Stay put for a bit, ok? Also? Buying a car from someone you sort of know isn’t as fun or as easy as you’d think.
Other Pictures from this Week:

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