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Tuesday Update: Week 38

Another quick note to start this post. Seeing as how we’re getting mighty close to term (in fact, baby L could arrive any time now and be perfect), this will most likely be the last weekly update post that is running “behind”. I’ll continue to post, but they will most likely be more up to date, as things can change so drastically. Please don’t worry if I haven’t posted in a bit. It’s not that anything has happened or that Baby L is here, it’s just that I don’t have as much free time right now. I’ve actually written this entry in advance, just in case. I do plan on doing a bit of a round up post after L arrives, as well as his birth story.

A peek at the past week (how I’ve been): It was less of a crazy week, thank gods. Basically, after all the baby shopping and excitement of last week, I took this week to really focus my efforts on the guest room and the nursery, without over doing it. Pat, on the other hand, focused on getting the basement set up. We have both reached the point where we are no longer concerned about getting everything 100% perfect and done. We have never been those people, so why start now? The house is good enough, and while we do plan on continuing to get stuff ready, we aren’t pressuring ourselves anymore.

We bought our dream stroller, thanks to the generous gifts from our places of employment. We got:

The BOB Revolution SE in Navy

We really wanted something that would fit well in Pat’s Accent, that wasn’t too heavy for me to handle, but rugged enough to cruise through our off-leash dog park, Bruce Pit, that we frequent with Maddie. Through the recommendation of S & K who got one when their baby girl arrived 3 years ago, we knew this was our perfect fit. Our car seat fits, thanks to an adapter, and so we’re all set to go. It arrived on Thursday and is now sitting patiently in our living room.

I’ve managed to catch a cold, which is kicking my butt. I really hope it goes away before I got into labour. Being sick in labour is pretty much my nightmare. I’ve had friends who have had colds when they delivered and they all said it was terrible. So, I’m ODing on vitamin C and getting as much rest as I can.

We had a good midwife appointment this week. Turns out the midwifery student that I didn’t jive with has left her program, so I’ll definitely get the student that I adore, no matter which midwife I get. Woo!

Unfortunately, we got some bad news from our contractors. Apparently their company is closing down, which means we’re up shit creek if anything fails us in the next few months. Also, they got our window size wrong and so the end of our renos have been delayed between 2-4 weeks. UNIMPRESSED.

We did some last minute running around this past weekend, and worked as much as we could on the house. The big bit of news is that we bought a car! This is a big freaking deal for me. When I was younger, I had very little set in my head about what I needed to have done before having a baby. I have never been one of those “I need to be making ____k/year, have such and such job, be living in this kind of house” people. Having said that, I felt strongly that we needed to have a car that I could drive and that I had access to before baby arrived. I had seen too many miserable Mums on public transportation (not that I have anything against bringing babies on buses, it’s just not what I wanted as my main form of transportation, especially living in the burbs like we do). I mentioned on the BB forums one day that I was car hunting. Later that day, another girl mentioned she was selling her SUV and a connection was made. We’ve been dancing back and forth for a few weeks now, but it finally went through this week. We are now the proud owners of this beauty:

Not our actual car! We'll do some glamour shots when we get her home

She’s a 2008 Hyundai Tuscon. Not at all what I was originally thinking about getting, but she was an incredible deal and will work so well with our family. We wanted something that would fit both Pat and I, that would hold lots of cargo (including our large dog) and would give us enough leg room despite the car seat in the back. She’s perfect for us and now she’s mine! We still have to do a bit of paper work for her, and some minor fixes, but otherwise she’s good to go.

Well timed, we also sold my old beastie, the Subaru:

Bye bye Betty!

The poor Subaru hasn’t been driven in almost a year thanks to her dead transmission. We managed to find a guy who has connections with a transmission specialist, so it was a match made in heaven.

How far along am I right now? 39 weeks

I am thinking…about how our little man is due to arrive anytime now and how much our lives are about to change. I’m also extremely excited for my sister to arrive this Wednesday! I haven’t seen her in a year or so, when I went to Calgary for her graduation:

I am thankful for… Popsicles and puffs tissues. Also? The cute froggie humidifier we got for Liam. That froggie may be creepy, but he gets me to sleep every night.

From the kitchen… See my last review! I’ve been trying out some of the OAMC recipes that I’ve found through other bloggers and pinterest. I won’t have time to do any freezer cooking before Liam gets here (at least I don’t think so), but I am enjoying these easy recipes and think that they will do us fine anyway.

I am wearing… whatever fits, at this point. I am so big!

I am creating…The last bit of crafting for Liam! MUST GET IT DONE

I am going…to keep an open mind about when and how this little man arrives. It’s all up to him at this point.

I am reading… not really reading right now. Too tired and too busy

I am hoping…That Liam can wait until his auntie arrives, and then we’d love him to come any time. Also, I’m hoping to make it through Easter because I’d love to spend some time with family and friends before baby time.

I am hearing…Lots of calming music. Last night it was Loreena McKennitt while I had a bath. Lots of Mumford and Sons, Tori, Sarah Harmer, and Neko Case. I really need to clear out my iphone and make sure I have the right music on there for labour.

Around the house…Lots of work!

Currently Done:

So Far:

  • Basement painting (only a bit left, but we’re waiting until all the furniture is down to do the stairwell, as its getting dinged and scratched)
  • Move Office Downstairs
  • Decluttered and reorganized front closet
  • Decluttered and reorganized dining room
  • Set up organization system in basement
  • Do all baby laundry and sort clothes
  • Start packing hospital bag
  • Buy Nursing tanks
  • Set up TV Space downstairs
  • Bought sectional, coffee table and TV stand for basement
  • Set up Office downstairs
  • Cleaned out Soon-To-Be-Guest-Room (including carpet cleaning)
  • Moved furniture into guest room
  • Decluttered and reorganized bathrooms
  • Decluttered and reorganized kitchen (mostly done)
  • Bought the remaining baby essentials
  • Do maternity photos
  • Sold living room desk
  • Bought new phones for the house to replace the crappy dying ones
  • Bought Baby Journal
  • Scheduled an estimate with an HVAC guy

This past week:

  • Had the HVAC guy in for the estimate
  • Set up guest room
  • Confirm hospital bag is packed
  • Sell Subaru
  • Buy new family vehicle
  • Move Kitty Litter to basement
  • Go on a date with hubby (saw The Hunger Games. SO GOOD)
  • Decide what to do with master bedroom (nothing other than a declutter. Everything else can wait a while)
  • Buy mattress for crib
  • Buy living room furniture (CAN’T WAIT! Its all awesome)
  • Buy bookcases for basement
  • Set up car seat (and inspected! Thanks to the amazing Rae from Chantreuse Industries)

To Do:

  • Book the HVAC installation
  • Declutter and reorganize bedroom
  • Declutter and reorganize living room (in process)
  • Set up nursery (in process)
  • Make freezer meals (on hold, testing recipes instead)
  • Cleanse Quilt of Hate into Quilt of Love
  • Get basement window installed (on hold)

One of my favorite things…My husbands old work t-shirts. They are the comfiest thing I can wear right now. Also? The medela sleep bra. This thing is a life changer.

Weight Gain: Total, about 40 lbs.

Baby in the Produce World: According to The Bump, I think we upgraded to a watermelon.  Baby Centre says he’s as long as a leek. Yummy.
Movement/Signs of the Baby: He’s definitely changing in terms of how active he is. He’ll be quiet for a while and then have a flurry of activity. Night time, around 2am, is a really busy time for him. I actually enjoy laying there, feeling him move around. Also, I’m feeling like I’m bruised in certain areas from his repeated jabs. Even my midwife has exclaimed that I am “Full of Baby” at this point. My little torso is definitely being forced outward to accommodate this little man.
Cravings and Aversions: Still  hating eggs, but not much in terms of cravings. Except for my new and strange love of Lemons. Yep, my most hated fruit of all time is now my favourite. I grew up HATING lemonade, and now? I NEEDS IT
Body Changes/Weirdness: Lots more stretch marks, HUGE belly, very swollen feet, really sore hands (I never expected them to hurt this much. It sometimes feels like a finger is broken, it hurts so much). I’m finding I’m tiring out much faster these days and have really limited movements. Bending is out of the question.
Other Random Babeh/Pregnancy thoughts: I’m sort of in shock at how quickly this pregnancy has gone by. I mean it. Everyone told me that it would feel like forever. Then they told me that it was the last trimester that dragged (for me, it was the fastest trimester ever), and then I was told that once I went on Mat Leave it would be super boring and that I’d be anxious to have him out. Not at all! I can’t imagine how we would have been able to get so much done with me working! I wouldn’t have been able to do it. I’m way too sore and tired these days. I haven’t been bored at all, nor have I been without things to do. 
Other Pictures from this Week:
Hrm. Looks like I dropped!

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Update: Week 38”

  1. eeeeeee! exciting times! :) :)

    Thanks for including the stroller name and the bra link. I’m always looking for ideas. We haven’t really figured out what stroller we want yet.

    1. No problem! I absolutely LOVE the Bob. Sarah has it, and since her little girl was born, I’ve been out with her a ton and always loved the way it handled both outside terrain and tight spaces in shops. We got the more rugged version so that it could survive our dog walking adventures :D

      As for the bra, it’s seriously been a life changer for me. I am way too hot to sleep in PJs, but I need *something* to balance out my temperature and to keep from leaking all over the place (TMI? Ah well ;)). I don’t like sleeping in regular bras because they are too tight, but these ones are just perfect, and they’ll make nursing super easy too. :)

      Here’s another blog that I follow that recently did a good follow up on her favourite baby items:

  2. Sweet! That blog looks super useful. I liked the link to the moby wrap video. Are you planning on doing any baby wearing? There are so many slings out there!

    I checked and Milkface (just a short walk away from me on Bank St) carries the Sleep Bra. Gonna get one a.s.a.p :)

    1. I definitely want to babywear! My plan is to bring Liam along with me to Milkface to choose a good carrier. Ideally, I would love one that would work for both Pat and I, but we may end up having to get one for each of us. Right now I’m leaning towards the Beco Gemini, but I want to wait and do a real test :)

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