3 Months

I can’t believe that another month has already passed since my last post. I really did intend to post more often, but Liam has turned into Velcro Baby. Hopefully this coming month will give me a bit more freedom to get back into blogging. While 3 months doesn’t actually hit until tomorrow, I’m going to post this while I can.

So, this past month has been busy. With my recovery being almost complete, I’ve been getting out and doing more, as much as I can. Unfortunately, we’ve also noticed that Liam has become more and more fussy this month. Ovol and Tempra have saved us a number of times. Poor little man had some really miserable days. Luckily, it was also month two in which Liam started laughing out loud. Here’s a video I shot for my sister of him giggling a bit while we play (I’m repeating “Hajimemashite”, which is Japanese for something similar to “Pleased to meet you”):

We had some really fun events this month too! On the 22nd of June, I drove out to Kanata to meet up with 13 of the mommas from the forums that I frequented during my pregnancy (Used to be Babybells, but has since been moved to Canadian Family. This move was not well received so most of the posters I knew have moved on to Buzzle). With these 13 moms came their 13 babies,

13 April Babies!

It was AWESOME. It was my first Mommy Date and I had a great time. it was so nice to be out with a bunch of ladies in the same place as me, who have been there for me online for 9 months. Since then, I’ve been to the movies with a couple of them again to go see Brave with our little ones.

Pat and I also celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary. We left Liam with his Nanna and Gammy for a few hours while we went out to The Keg for dinner. It was amazing and just what we needed. Amazing what a short break can do to renew your energy,

On our way to dinner at The Keg

We then celebrated Liam’s first Canada Day, first by visiting my in-laws and finally meeting the new addition to the family. After that, we went out to see S, K and their beautiful kids. We also took Liam to a restaurant for the first time to celebrate his Great Aunty Pony’s birthday. I was really nervous about it, but it went really well. Of course, we’ve been seeing Nanny and Gammy as much as possible.

This past week has been incredible. He’s rolled front to back with a bit of help from me. He’s slept through the night once. He had a 2 1/2 hour day time nap. He’s growing up!

We’ve noticed that Liam’s become much more of a little person. He’s developing a personality. We interact way more. He has toy preferences (Jacque the Peacock and Rusty the Robot, both by Lamaze) and now shows us when he’s tired by getting really cranky all of a sudden.

I’ve changed a lot too. I’m a lot more relaxed and confident in my ability to handle him. I still have some rough days (on my birthday, Pat left work early because I called him in tears after a specifically terrible day), but overall, Liam and I have started to develop a really good relationship and rhythm. We get up in the morning, I feed and change him. I then bring him downstairs where we play for a bit and I eat. I then feed him again, and then he naps. I watch a bit of TV (I’ve been catching up on Criminal Minds and chef Michael Smith’s Chef Abroad and Chef at Home) or read (my last read was Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by the incredible Jenny Lawson),  The cycle of play and nap then continues til about 5:30-6pm or so when Pat gets home. At one point, usually around 2pm, I take Liam upstairs for some tummy time and to read some books.

Once Pat’s home, I hand off baby and start on dinner. Once we’re done eating, which either happens during a nap or while L is on the activity mat (if we’re lucky. If we’re not, then one of us holds him while the other eats and then we switch). We then usually hang out until about 8pm when it’s time for a walk around the neighbourhood. Then it’s either bath or book time. Between 10-11:30, Liam goes down for his first real chunk of sleep. He then usually sleeps between 2-4 hours. Then he wakes every 2hrs or so to eat until about 6:30, when Pat gets up. Then he eats and sleeps for maybe another hour, hour and a half. We get up at 8am and the routine starts over.

Stats for the end of Month 2

We’re not sure on measurements, but we’ll know soon. I’m taking him in to a Well Baby drop in to get weighed on Monday.

  • Diaper Size: Pampers Swaddlers 2
  • Clothing Size: 3-6 Months, and some of those are too short now.
  • Favourite Clothes: Rompers from Carters, sleeveless onesies from Old Navy and BABYLEGS (seriously the cutest things ever)
  • Nicknames: Monkey, Baby, Goober, Pooper
  • First Father’s Day! Daddy gets a T-shirt to match Liam’s onesie (still need to photograph this), and a GC to go pick up a tool of his choice from Home Depot (he’s currently debating between a Dewalt drill or a power washer).
  • First shopping trip to Bayshore mall, Sobeys and Walmart.
  • Started laughing and giggling
  • Found his feet and hands
  • Babysat by Gammy and Nanny for the first and second time! Did really well.
  • Really really fussy. Most likely due to early teething and major development leaps
  • Slept through the night for the first time. 7 hours!
  • First restaurant visit!
  • Grabbed Mum’s hair for the first time during tummy tickles
  • Played outside for the first time. A big fan of grass
  • Started grasping toys
  • Got a new carrier which is AWESOME. It’s a Beco Gemini.
  • Grasping, punching and wiggling a big development. Needs to spend some energy before sleeping.
  • No longer fits in any of the bassinets. Went out and bought a Pack and Play/Playard. it has been worth EVERY penny. He sleeps so well in it! Best nap times ever.

Nap time with me

My beautiful boy

So strong!


Not too sure about the Bumbo

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