Calm before


In about an hour, my first therapy session for PPD will be starting. I’m nervous, scared and hopeful. I’ve had two cups of perfectly milky, sweet, and strong English Breakfast tea while snuggled up with Liam this morning. The house is cool with fall air.

I love this time of year. Despite the impending winter rest, it feels like an exciting time of beginnings. I feel inspired to write, to knit and even paint. I feel everything so much more strongly, like a fog has been lifted.

I hope this new beginning leads us down a path of balance and health. I hope it provides me with the tools to get through this. I’m feeling optimistic about it.

One thought on “Calm before

  1. For some bizarre reason, my depression seems to lift at this time of year as well, which totally blows the theory about it being sunshine related out of the water. I love Autumn/Winter it is when I am at my happiest and most calm. Bright Blessings! :-)

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