Catching up on L (4-6 months)

This post was started several months ago. Life has a funny way of taking over. So, I’ll pick things up where I left off.

3-4 Months (July and August)

It’s been a crazy month. We saw so much change and growth in Liam during this time.

The month started with my first trip to the Well Baby drop-ins. It was a bit awkward, bringing him in at 3 months as that’s usually the cut off point for the service. The ladies there assured me it was fine and told me I was welcome to bring him back again. Unfortunately, I also had my first real dose of Guilting. Right outside of the drop-ins is a family cafe. They have a play room on site and supposedly welcome families of all kinds, with babies of all ages. I ordered an ice coffee for myself and was immediately asked if I meant decaf. I said no. They then clarified with me 3 more times. Ugh.

The beginning of Month 3 started with some big time fussiness. He was clingy and moody. According to the extremely helpful “Wonder Weeks” app, he was right in the middle of a development routine. Unfortunately, it seems like our little dude was hit by a lot all at once. We think he started teething, had some growing pains, bad gas, and was going through a lot of development stuff. It was not a fun time and it lasted for weeks. We tried all sorts of things to help – every trick we could think of for teething relief, including some homeopathic meds that were recommended to us, amber necklace, cold washcloths, chewing toys, tempra, advil, etc… etc… Nothing seems to be helping.

Meanwhile, to deal with his gas, I decided to majorly cut down on milk and milk products (Normally, I have 2-3 glasses a day, cereal, tea, and tons of cheese). We haven’t seen any major difference so far in Liam, but I’ve definitely noticed my belly is much happier with limited dairy, and I can really feel it when I give in to cheesy temptation. It’s been hard,

Stats for Month 3

Started out Month 3 at 16 lbs, 9oz.

  • Diaper Size: Pampers Swaddlers 3
  • Clothing Size: 6-9 Months, and just a couple of his bigger 3-6 months
  • Favourite Clothes: Rompers from Carters continue to be winners, as well as some really cute summer wear from Children’s Place (specifically, his plaid shorts)
  • Nicknames: Monkey, Baby, Goober, L, Little Man
  • Went to Cousin E’s first birthday party
  • Grasped an object for the first time
  • Loves playing with his feet and is drooling a lot
  • I was diagnosed with PPD
  • Went to see Ted with us during Stars and Strollers
  • Went for a day trip to the Arboretum
  • Wore his first kilt! Attended the Glengarry Highland Games with Auntie S, Uncle K, his cousins and us. Ran into the Sutherlands.
  • Celebrated Nanny’s Birthday
  • Fell in LOVE with his Jumperoo
  • Sat in highchair for the first time
  • Started swim classes

Sitting in the high chair for the first time

One of the many faces of Liam

Favourite Hobby – Playing with his feet

Just after BFing in public for the first time at the Arboretum

Boys and their toys

And now, for the more recent update that I’ve been meaning to write forever.

4-5 Months Old (August and September)

Liam’s fourth month started with us trying to find a way to get more sleep. Night times were not going well, and as much as I loved the idea of cosleeping, it just wasn’t a good fit for us in our Queen sized bed. We moved his crib from the nursery into our room and had great success moving him out of our bed into his own.

I also started taking my PPD more seriously. I made more plans with friends and Pat and I went on our longest date night yet – Dinner and Batman. Pat went out with his sister and I had my first whole day and night with Liam, which showed me I could handle being a Mom without backup. Midway through the month, despite L having a cold, things seemed like they were finally turning around for us. He slept 6 hours straight one night and really seemed to be heading in the direction of “Sleeping through the night”.

Teething took off at full force. Liam started chewing on EVERYTHING and seemed very sore and suddenly unhappy so we started trying Camilia and Advil. All of our progress with sleep took a dive and he went back to a max of 2hrs at a time.

We got our little man a Jolly Jumper and he totally fell in love. Closer to the end of the month we tried rice cereal in the evening to see if it would help him sleep longer, at the recommendation and encouragement of friends and family. Unfortunately, it just seemed to make him more gassy and uncomfortable.

Stats for Month 4

Started out Month 4 at 17 lbs, 12oz. 67cm tall

  • Diaper Size: Pampers Swaddlers 3
  • Clothing Size: 6-9 Months
  • Favourite Clothes: Rompers from Carters continue to be winners, as well as some really cute summer wear from Children’s Place (specifically, his plaid shorts)
  • Nicknames: Monkey, Baby, Goober, L, Little Man, Dude, Jumpin’ Jelly Bean, Silly Boy
  • Got his first real cold
  • Moved into his crib and slept through the night for a few nights
  • Cousin Cassidy was born
  • Hung out with some of my online forum friends – 14 babies and 14 moms!
  • Rolled back to front
  • Finished swim classes and started Mommy and Baby yoga
  • I won a Pamper’s contest and got vouchers for diapers and wipes
  • Fell in love with the Jolly Jumper
  • Went to L&M’s birthday party
  • Day trip to Orleans to hang out with my highschool friend, Steph, and her two girls and her husband.
  • Visited Pat at work
  • Auntie Stacie came by for a visit
  • Went downtown with friends from University and their kids
  • Went to a restaurant to celebrate Auntie K’s 30th Birthday

Snoozing with Dad

Ready for some fun in the sun

Not so sure about swim class


How I now get him to sleep. Gods bless the yoga ball

Out for a walk without the car seat! Biiiig boy!

5-6 Months Old (September and October)

Month 5 was a crazy one. Loooots of development! With the lack of sleep, I started looking into development milestones with the Wonder Weeks book, as well as sleep training. Lots going on in Liam’s little body. He started rolling both ways, he got his first tooth, he started babbling Dadadadadaaaaaa. We had him trying solid foods, as an attempt at BLW (Baby Led Weaning), which isn’t going well. He also started playing strange. On a date night, Pat and I returned from an advanced screening of Looper to find out that Liam had spent the whole evening crying for us.

In an attempt to make new friends, I also started attending the local playgroups at the Early Years Center and I continued to attend events held by the WB Ottawa Moms.We continued to visit with friends and family and stay active by getting out for walks and shopping trips.

Unfortunately, this is the month that sleep got even worse, which led to my PPD getting ve, ry bad. I started seeing a therapist, which has started to help.

Stats for Month 5

Unsure on weight – Didn’t get weighed or measured this month

  • Diaper Size: Pampers Swaddlers 3
  • Clothing Size: 6-9 Months
  • Favourite Clothes: Moving away from summer wear – Sleepers, jeans, and long sleeved onesies,
  • Nicknames: Monkey, MonkeyRoo, Baby, Goober, L, Little Man, Dude, Jumpin’ Jelly Bean, Silly Boy
  • Rolled front to back, and started rolling in his sleep (which made for some bad nights)
  • Was able to stay seated on his own, briefly
  • Grasped at toys
  • Started babbling
  • Got first and second tooth
  • Went apple picking
  • Tried frozen banana (yuck), avacado (yuck), carrot (yuck), potato (yuck), jello (long story, and yuck), apple (yuuum) and sweet potato puree (yuuuum! We have a winner)
  • Drank water from a sippy cup and loved it
  • Thanksgiving with my in laws.
  • His one and true love is named JJ – The jolly jumper. He is truly at his happiest when he’s jumping.

My big boy! Ready for the fall

Time for some bouncin’

NOT a fan of frozen banana

Handsome boy

Ready for some colder weather

FINALLY! Definitely not the way I’d prefer to update this, but I am proud to have gotten caught up. It’s been a crazy three months. I love how much personality he has. We’re now about halfway through 6 months and I can’t believe how big and active he is. He’s a blast and growing like a weed. Hopefully he’ll give me a bit of time to keep y’all informed on our adventures. Here’s hoping!

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