7 Months

6-7 Months Old

Month 6 was rough. Sleep still was not going well and all of us were fighting colds and bad moods. Right at the beginning of Month 6, Liam popped his second tooth. Not sure if it’s teething or just all the crazy developing and learning he’s doing, but Liam is veeeeery moody and cranky this month. We started feeding him purees more regularly. Orange foods are a big hit, especially carrots and sweet potato. Banana is awful. L hates it with a fiery passion.

I finally got myself to my doctor and started taking medication for my Post Partum Depression. To cheer myself up, I went out and dyed my hair purple and blue. Woo! I also tried to get out as much as possible. We started seeing the April Ottawa Moms more regularly and tried to meet up with Liam’s auntie J and his cousins, E and W. Playgroup is every Tuesday and we’re starting to make some new friends there too. I won a stroller and a carrier, neither of which we need and are planning on selling. (Here and here if you’re interested)

Stats for Month 6

20.8lbs, 28″ tall Our big boy!

  • Diaper Size: Pampers Swaddlers 3
  • Clothing Size: 9-12 and 12-18 Months
  • Favourite Clothes: Old Navy long sleeved onesies, jeans. R2D2 Robeez, Old Navy Hat, sweaters
  • Nicknames: Monkey, Baby, Little Man, Duder
  • Can stay seated on his own now
  • Scooting backwards and going in circles
  • Got his 2nd tooth on the 16th of October
  • Lots of biting, so we think tooth #3 is on its way
  • Ordered a glider (FINALLY)
  • Celebrated his first Halloween (Went as Capt’n Picard and a Dragon)
  • While upset, cried out “MAMA!”
  • Learned to clap
  • Learned to wave
  • Drank from a cup
  • Swung on a swing for the first time

Our Serious boy, photo by Lindsay Doak

Fall baby

Dad and Capt’n Jean Luc Picard


Princess Mom and her dragon

Capt’n Picard and his Buddies, photo by Michelle Hughes


Nomming on an apple

Out for a walk with Mom


Playing on the floor

Playing with his favourite toy – tupperware


Swinging! Photo by Lindsay Doak

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