A day in the life

One of my girlfriends recently shared a great post in a group we both belong to online. It was a peek into her life with her beautiful baby girl. I loved it and decided it would be fun to document one of our days with Liam, so here it is!

A Day in My Life

7am Baby wakes up. I nurse, change, and dress him. I Bring him downstairs and put him in the bouncer so that I can have toast and tea. Treehouse keeps his attention long enough for me to finish. He has a poopsplosion, so I change him and his outfit


8am Time to play on the floor. Maddie, our dog, is chased around the room. Liam tries to play with our subwoofer and gets annoyed when I keep saying no.


8:15 I realize the dog tracked in a bunch of dirt and cedar from the backyard (Liam tried to eat a bit of cedar hedge) so I do a quick vacuum and then we’re back to playing on the floor. FB until L gets annoyed and wants my attention.


8:40 little man is hungry so I nurse him.

8:45 It was only a little snack. We sing and dance for a bit and practice our clapping.


9:00 L goes in the jolly jumper but is unhappy. Going to try for first nap. Takes about 7 minutes of bouncing and “you are my sunshine” and he’s out. I work on some laundry and clean the kitchen. I finish putting together my WB April moms Christmas exchange gift. I then take out all of our scarves, hats and mitts from basement storage.

9:50 Liam wakes up. I nurse him and then put him in the jolly jumper. We watch Ellen while I make my grocery shopping list.


10:15 DH calls. We chat for a bit on speaker phone while L jumps. He’s happy to jump and hear his Dad


10:40 I strip down the guest bed and bring the linens down for laundry. I empty the vacuum canister

11:00 Tv goes off and music comes on. I change L and then put him in the Gemini to do some vacuuming and cleaning.

11:15 mail lady arrives with more Christmas gifts

11:17 begin dancing, singing and mopping in the kitchen.

11:30 play in living room while kitchen dries. Nurse

11:45 Accidentally bonk L in the head while moving a chair back to the kitchen. Snuggles and apologies :(


11:50 I have a quick shower and then take L to our room to have his next nap. I bounce and sing but he resists. I nurse and then try again

12:30 L falls asleep. I continue working on laundry. I clean out the fridge and prep our stuff for going out. I put my hair up and put on a bit of makeup. I drink my last bit of caffeine for the day (Dr. Pepper) and put some food on for lunch.

1:20 Liam wakes up. I put him in the bouncer and eat my lunch. I then nurse him an then Change him into warmer clothes and head out for groceries.


3:30 get home from groceries and the post office. Liam goes into the jolly jumper. I put the groceries away

4:15 nursed L and then put him down for his last nap of the day.

5:30 Liam wakes up and pat arrives home. I nurse L and change him. I play with him while Pat cleans


6:30 I start dinner while Pat plays with Liam. We eat while Liam plays in the bouncer. After we eat we put him on the floor and play with him

7:10 bath time!

7:30 bed time! We change him and read two stories (the Very hungry caterpillar and Lullaby Moon) we then give him snuggles and kisses. Pat preps our bed and turns out the light while I nurse Liam. Pat then takes Liam and burps him, then walks and pats him to sleep.
Asleep by around 8


8:40 Liam stirs. I nurse him down and go to bed myself at 9. Liam wakes up 6 more times during the night. Each time I get up, nurse him and he falls right back down. We get up for the day at 6:30am

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