Been a long time

I keep thinking of posts to write, and then my days fly by without a second to sit down and type. When I do have a minute or two, I tend to spend it cleaning, or catching up on TV (currently working on Walking Dead). Speaking of Walking Dead, that’s a pretty accurate description of me these days.

Liam has 4 teeth coming in. A month ago, he had four and a half teeth, now he has about 9, including two molars. He has decided food is too painful and nursing is where it’s at, so there hasn’t been much sleep or rest in these parts. He’s also started walking, and shortly there after, running. And climbing. And falling. So much falling. Needless to say, he is keeping me very busy and very tired.

I’ve been feeling a little raw lately, a little worn. This time of year is rough with my Mom’s birthday, followed by the anniversary of her death, and then Mother’s Day, and then my Dad’s birthday, and then my birthday. It’s all a big fat reminder of how my life and my family has changed.

I turn 30 this year. I always pictured my 30th to be a big deal, that I’d have a big party, or at least celebrate with a bunch of family. Instead I think it will pass quietly. I’m ok with that. I’ve felt closer to 40 this past year, so what’s a number anyway?

This is kind of an intro to me being back, I guess. There’s a few things I want to talk about, and I want to start documenting my kid’s life again. Hopefully I’ll be able to make the time and get my words flowing once more. But for now, my gorgeous and brilliant boy is running around hitting the cats and I have a cup of lukewarm tea to finish.

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