One Year

There’s no real way to start this post without the cliched “Holy crap, a year? HOW?!”. I imagine it’s part loving being home, part exhaustion and part being in constant flux that makes the time go by so quickly. A lot has changed in our lives this year. First, let’s do the stats on L

Stats for One-Year

25lbs, 31″ tall.

  • Diaper Size: Pampers Swaddlers 4, CD Mediums
  • Clothing Size: 18-24 months or 2T
  • Nicknames: Monkey, Baby, Little Man
  • Teeth: 4 1/2 (both sets of central incisors and half of a bottom right lateral incisor) by his birthday. He has something around 9 now.
  • Had first trip to CHEO (He was sick for about 3 weeks with a bad viral infection. He lost a few pounds and had constant diarrhea)
  • Took first steps in March, started walking right after his birthday
  • His first swear word: Shit. He likes to wander around the house saying “Oh, Shit.”
  • He loves tormenting the cats and playing fetch with the dog
  • We hang out with his pals Gus, Isla and Wesley at least once a week these days.
  • When he’s not teething, he loves to eat chicken, rice, potatoes, french fries, bagels, carrots, yogurt, cottage cheese, toast, apples, and cucumbers. My boy inherited his father’s picky taste buds
  • His birthday party was small and the theme was “Little Man”
  • He took his first trip with me, right after his birthday, to visit my sister in Calgary. Planes do not make Liam happy
  • He attended his first Comic convention a couple weeks ago, dressed as a tiny Dr. Who

It’s been a rollercoaster of a year. He’s such a brilliant, charming and funny little man. He’s still very cautious about new people. He doesn’t give his love away to just anyone. He’s adventurous and dives into everything headfirst (so many bruises and cuts to prove it). He’s musically inclined and loves to dance and play with instruments. He adores being around other kids, especially big kids. He loves animals. He loves to touch everything (just like me).

We are bedsharing still, and I love it. I’m going to miss it very much. His nanny and grammy are having a custom made montessori bed built for his birthday, so soon he’ll be moving into his own bed in his own room (weep!). He does not sleep through the night and we have no plans on sleep training.  I am still breastfeeding and have no plans to stop any time soon. I’ll let him decide when he’s ready to stop. We babywear as much as I can (which is less than I’d like. My poor back can’t take his 25+lbs these days).

He has pretty much outgrown the Beco Gemini, so we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new Tula Toddler (in Ikat for those who are curious). We are also dabbling in wrapping (we have a gauze wrap and a beautiful Girasol Amitola wrap). Amusingly, and typical of me to be behind on the trend, we’ve just started cloth diapering at 13 months. We’re doing it part time, and I love it. (a separate post on that to come!)

I am now working part time at a fantastic baby and maternity boutique, called Belly Laughs. It’s only 6 hours a week, but it brings in a bit of money (now that my Mat Leave is done), while still allowing me to be at home with him during the day.

We try to attend meetups for a local baby wearing group  when they come up. We love to hang out with some of our fave moms and babies from our April Mommy group, at least once a week.

Liam is incredibly mobile these days and hates sitting at home, so we go for walks daily, and try to hit a park as often as we can.













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