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Unfucking My Habitat

The past few years have been tough. Anyone who has read my blog will know that. I won’t rehash everything again, but I will say that we hit another bump in the road a couple months ago.

Before Liam was born, we started a massive re-haul of the basement. We wanted more livable space. It ended up being quite the fiasco (water damage, mold, our contractors going out of business, the work being delayed by months, the work that was done failing).

Part-way through the renovations in 2012
After the renos in 2012, pre-flood
After the renos in 2012, pre-flood

A couple months ago, we had our windows and doors replaced. I then hired a contractor to paint our garage door to match out new doors. When they were cleaning up, I offered them the use of our back hose. 6 hours later, Pat came home and we discovered the pipe to that hose burst. The basement had been filling with water for 6 hours. Our new couch, our floors, the walls, soaked. Luckily the floor wasn’t level so our media center and computers were fine, but there was still massive damage.

The damage, after we tore out the floor and walls
The damage, after we tore out the floor and walls

We went through insurance and finally got it cleaned up and redone. While this process was starting, Pat and I had a sit down and decided that we were done with this crap. We were done with always wondering what was going to happen next. We were done feeling betrayed by this house and needed a fresh start. We’ve decided to list and move on.

What this means is that we have to, in a very short time, declutter, clean and decorate this place to make it sellable. All while house hunting and living with a very active toddler. It hasn’t been going well. So, I’ve been doing some reading.

I came across Unfuck Your Habitat and this great post on Decluttering. We are going to tackle this one room at a time, and to keep me motivated, I’m going to post our progress here. First up, we’ll be finishing the basement, seeing as how it’s been the project that doesn’t seem to want to end.


  • Couch replaced
  • Rug purchased
  • Floors replaced
  • Walls repaired and painted
  • Media Center reorganized
  • Storage built
  • Gone through all files and paperwork, shredded and tossed old stuff.

To Do:

  • Clean Laundry Room
  • Finish massive mounds of laundry
  • Frame free laundry art and hang
  • Hang painting
  • Clear out garbage
  • Final Repairs

Meanwhile, while I’m off doing all that, check out my friend Phil’s youtube series called “Out of the Doghouse“. He hasn’t updated in a while (3 years), but it’s a series that’s essentially about unfucking your life, starting with your habitat. That, and Phil is awesome. Go give him some love.

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