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When in doubt, nap and dice.

I had grand plans this weekend of starting on a new blogging project. The wonderful Kaitlin over at Handmade Freedom has been helping to inspire me to get back to writing. I’ve been toying with the idea of doing reviews on some products that I’ve had the good fortune to try over the last two years. Unfortunately, our son had other plans.

The day started out innocently enough. Tidying (I have to recommend the UfyH app, available on iphone, for making cleaning amusing. Yes, vulgarity amuses the crap out of me and anything that can inspire some laughs while cleaning is a good thing) made me feel accomplished, followed by a great trip to the local dog park, Bruce Pit. Came home and Liam started acting like he needed a nap. Literally seconds before I was about to scoop him up to bed, he took a dive and bashed his head on our IKEA expedit (We use it for toy storage).

He lost consciousness for a few seconds, and then was seriously out of it for a while. We whisked him off to the ER and spent our evening receiving unsolicited parenting advice from our fellow patients, and making nice with a very sweet Meth addict who was in with a sketchy looking rash (She really was sweet until she decided to kiss my son right on his boo boo. Did we ever disinfect that sucker. A parental barrier was then formed between the crays and Liam). Around 10pm, we were sent home with instructions to watch him closely and wake him every 2 hrs (Oh! Teething finally comes in handy! He’s up every 2 hours normally anyway!).  A mild concussion scared the crap out of me. I am going to have to tough up my skin with this kid, I think. I have a feeling we’re going to become very familiar with all the local urgent cares and ERs in the area.

Quite the bump
Quite the bump

Pat and I got Mister into bed, and then finally ate around 11pm. We got to bed around 12:30 and I finally fell asleep around 1-1:30. Yeah, so, needless to say, this weekend has been a bit of a write off. To cope with the stress of all this, I’ve been taking it easy today. Liam and I had an epic two hour nap together while Pat video-gamed his stress away. Right now I am cooking up a batch of local heirloom tomato pasta sauce. I’m plotting some zucchini bread too, but we’ll see how productive I actually am. My hands are stained yellow and red and I can finally breath without tightness in my chest.

Tomatoes in the CSA haul
Tomatoes in the CSA haul

So, thank you Kaitlin for the kind words and link on your Saturday edition of Friday Faves. Welcome to my new readers that have found me through her. Things are a little in transition here, but I do intend to write more frequently. Please feel free to check out my About page to learn a little more about me and my little space here.



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