My Very First Review!

I thought long and hard about how I wanted to approach reviews. You see, I am one of those people who love to shout from the rooftops when I find a product that works for me and my family. Since having a baby, I’ve tried so many different things, some of them amazing, and others a total waste of money. Why not share the knowledge? Well, I have a couple of concerns.

1. This is a pretty personal space for me. Reviews tend to draw in readers, which is awesome, but they may not get me or my sense of humour (and my tendency to randomly swear like a sailor)
2. I don’t want there to be any worry that I am some how affiliated with the companies or products. I want my reviews to be honest and from my personal experience.

I work for a maternity and baby boutique, and as a result, I have had access to many great products. I plan on reviewing them from the perspective as a mother and as a woman, not as a representative of my store. I will be linking to these products, and often, my links will be from the store’s webshoppe. If this makes you uncomfortable, please know that I am merely supporting a place I love and a local small business. Feel free to buy the items elsewhere. I will not be compensated by the store in any way for the linking or any purchases made. If you have any other concerns, please don’t hesitate to bring them to my attention.

So, moving on: I decided to do something a little light-hearted and topical (Many of you will recognize this product from a video that’s been making the rounds) for my first review. Allow me to introduce…


One of my girlfriends recently posted this video to facebook. I watched and I laughed. There’s a lot of people out there (Jezebel included) who are up in arms about the “girls don’t poop” marketing. I identify as a feminist, so I do get where they are coming from. That said, I appreciate the toilet humour (pun intended) and the straight-forward approach to an issue that literally everyone faces.


Poo-Pourri, as explained in the commercial, supposedly creates a barrier on the toilet water, before you poop. This traps all stink, which is then flushed away. It’s an intriguing idea – Do away with the matches, candles, and sprays! No more covering up the stench with more scents!

It’s most easily available through Amazon, but I have seen it advertised elsewhere. Because i have a good sense of humour and perhaps a trigger-happy mouse hand, I had to give it a shot.



The bottle itself it quite cute. It fits well with any bathroom decor, while still being cheeky (hurr hurr). Both my husband and I gave it a shot (Sorry hon, I should have warned you that I would post about this! Don’t divorce me, please). The instructions say to give the toilet bowl about 4 sprays before doing your business. Once you’re done, simply flush and enjoy  your stink free bathroom!

DH’s Reaction: While he felt that Poo-Pourri did its job of keeping the man-stink contained, the spray itself gave him a headache. The scent of the spray was very overpowering to him. He is very sensitive to perfumes and found this to be too much. Has no plans to use it again.

My Reaction: I enjoyed the citrus scent of the spray, but am not sure that it fully “contained” the stink. If anything, I felt like it was more of a cover-up  job. (Who wants their bathroom to smell like oranges AND poop? Not me).

Overall, I can’t justify the cost (22.99 for the 8oz bottle), even for the laugh it brings. The result was  disappointing, I did not feel nearly as fancy as I hoped, despite the 23$ toilet spray.

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