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Picking up where I left off

I posted a while ago about having a crisis of faith. I imagine, considering everything that we’ve been through as a family over the last few years, that it was a perfectly normal reaction. I’ve had some time to heal, and I’m feeling a bit more open again. Not to say that I have found a religion or anything, it’s more that I feel connected again.

It’s well timed, really. I’ve recently started reading about Waldorf education and while it doesn’t completely fit our family, there are elements that are so right. I love the idea of celebrating the seasons, rituals, rhythms, simplifying, and making what you can rather than buying – it all makes sense. I will say that the low-tech life part doesn’t work for us so much. We live with screens on all the time, and we’re happy with that. We are cutting down, but I am a blogger and my husband is in IT. It’s something we are passionate about.


Anyway, due to illness in the house, we missed the Autumn Equinox. I was disappointed, but came across a waldorf festival, Michaelmas, was on the 29th. It seems like a lot of the festivals are Catholic based (which is fascinating to me, I love the idea of feast days, saints days, etc…). My husband’s family is Catholic so I like the idea of sharing the culture and the religion with Liam. We spent the weekend picking apples (and finding the “stars” in apples), spending time with family, cleaning the home, and enjoying each others company. I set up Liam’s nature table (another waldorf idea I’ll get to in another post) and cleansing the space.

I can’t even remember the last time I cleansed the house. I used to do it every season. I missed the smell of sage so much. It was like coming home. My sister in law had also given me some blessed salt from church, so I used that as well.

I feel fantastic today. I needed to find my rhythm again. I needed to re-establish my connection with the world. Fall is normally such a tough time of year for me, emotionally. It’s nice to have a festival to remind me of what tools I have to face those tough times.