Nature Table

Something that I really love about the Waldorf school of thought is that of bringing nature indoors and celebrating the season. I kept seeing these beautifully simple Nature Tables on pinterest and knew that I wanted one for our home. The idea is pretty straight forward: Keep those treasures that your little one picks up. Create a little space to honour the season and nature. It reminded me of my wiccan altar of my early teenage years. I was (and am) charmed!

Our little nature table, in our basement family room

Our little nature table, in our basement family room

Luck was with me as I found a neighbour of mine was getting rid of a handmade wooden table that was the perfect height and size. I snagged it off the curb and brought it home right away. For this season, Liam has picked up an acorn, two pine cones and a few pebbles. I keep these in a small wooden bowl that had been my mother’s. I also added some leaves that we made together – Liam finger painted with seasonal colours, I then found some pictures of local trees and their leaves and went to work cutting them out. On the wall, I added another one of our collaborations. I had drawn a bare tree in marker, and then Liam finger painted the foliage. I love it!

Autumn Tree

Autumn Tree

Local leaves

Local leaves

Liam loves being able to bring these small things home and I really enjoy talking to him about them.

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