My lady friends have been talking about resolutions lately and I have been looking at their lists in awe. I haven’t done resolutions in a long time. I find them restricting and setting myself up for disappointment if I don’t meet these super high expectations I always seem to come up with.

The last few years have been intense and I think now might be a good time to set a few goals. Something to strive for, something to bring me out of this funk that’s been lingering for months. So, here’s the list of goals, of ideas to try in 2014:

  • Take an art or craft course of some kind. Quilting, pottery, whatever. Something creative that gets me out of the house and around other people who want to be creative as well
  • Live a healthier lifestyle and ideally get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight.
  • Visit my parents at the cemetery
  • Clean up computers and photos
  • Continue to write
  • Put down my phone and play more.
  • Finish a sweater project for Liam
  • Have dates with Pat.
  • Manage our money better

I think that’s good. I have a good feeling about 2014. :)

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