Diamonds are Rare

There’s a pretty funny page making the rounds on facebook lately about being a crunchy mom. At first glance, I found it pretty funny.I loved how the top level, Diamond, was (Soulemama?! Heh heh) for everyone and was a little lesson on labeling.

“Actually, a diamond does most or all or some assortment of the above levels but they don’t give a crap about what anyone thinks. They aren’t keeping track and they’ve outgrown the labels. They certainly don’t preach to others or judge people about their choices. They’re just doing their own thing. Doing what works for them. Diamonds? Diamonds are rare.”

Unfortunately, most of the people in the various communities where I saw this decided to ignore the top level and immediately started slotting themselves in the various levels. I was able to find my spot pretty quickly (I’m a 6/7, for what its worth), but I have to say I was pretty disappointed at how people immediately dove into “I am the crunchiest of the crunch” or “Ermagerd, crunchy moms are so ________”. Sadly, it proves that Diamonds are rare.


I get that crunchy moms can sometimes be obnoxious. Hell, I know I can be obnoxious about parenting decisions I’m passionate about. I can’t say I was too thrilled to see some people comment with something similar to “I would throat punch anyone over a ____”. Not helpful, people. Seriously.

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