Mamie Diaper Bag by Ness, Review

This past week I won a fantastic diaper bag in a twitter contest and decided to use it as my primary purse and diaper bag for the week so as to give you, my valued readers, my opinion on the bag. Here are my thoughts:

Mamie by Ness

Sorry about the pricing issues in the video. Looks like my numbers got a bit messed up. Ah, dyslexia and the fast moving world of internet shopping!

Where you can get this bag:





  • I absolutely love the styling of this bag. It’s beautiful, looks like an expensive purse. The colours available are gorgeous and modern
  • Has plenty of pockets for all of your bits and bobs. I especially like the adjustable storage options for the interior.
  • Man-made fabrics – Vegan friendly!
  • Option for shoulder straps – especially good when bag is full
  • Fantastic cooler, great for pumped milk, snacks or whatever you need to stay cool/warm. Detachable for when you don’t need it
  • Inner padding makes the purse amazing as a camera bag or for bringing your pump with you.
  • TONS of room for everything you need
  • Fantastic as a carry-on bag for travel on planes or trains.
  • Great for day trips
  • Plenty of room for people who have multiple children or who cloth diaper


  • Weight. This is a heavy bag that wouldn’t be ideal for carrying around all day.
  • Due to the structured nature of the bag, it makes it a little unwieldy. Not ideal for taking on a trip shopping to the mall where stores are more narrow
  • Not ideal for babywearing.
  • Lack of instructions. It would have been nice to have a little tag or pamphlet on how to use the bag or remove the cooler.
  • Surprising lack of a key chain/hook. Most of my other diaper bags have a specific spot for your keys so that you’re not digging around for them. The Mamie does not.
  • Lack of inclusions. I would have loved an added diaper pad or wet bag, especially at this price point. Just sayin’.

Overall, this is a fantastic, beautiful and practical bag that transcends “Diaper Bag” and moves into the world of beautiful purse, work bag of the pumping momma, and stylish weekender bag. I definitely see myself using it in the future, though perhaps not on in my day to day life. A good bag to have in my arsenal.

The Maime bag, by Ness. A giant amazing diaper bag.

The Maime bag, by Ness. A giant amazing diaper bag.


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