Saving Daylight

Hurr hurr, see what I did there? This weekend marks the wonderful Daylight Savings Time here. We are springing forward and losing an hour on Sunday. Days are finally feeling a bit longer, fuller and brighter. I think we all need a little bit more day light.

It’s been a busy time here. I’m continuing to stay the course on my journey into a Healthier Me. I’ve toned things down a bit, as the work outs were just a little too intense for my current state. I’m now doing smaller work outs, either some yoga or strength training. It’s only about 20 minutes a day, which is perfect for my crazy little life. I’m keeping a close eye on my caloric intake, and honestly, I’m enjoying it. I don’t feel deprived and I like having more control. I haven’t lost much weight very quickly, but I am still losing. This is less about a dress size or a number on the scale, and more about being here longer.

We’ve been making time to see friends and get out of the house (hard during this last stretch of winter weather), and even took a family road trip last weekend. It was a bit of a hard visit, as I mentioned in my last post. Despite the emotional aspect of the visit, we had an amazing time catching up with family and introducing them to our little man. I love Montreal. I wish I had friends there to visit, as I once did. It’s one of my favourite places to be. I look forward to bringing Liam there more often on these family trips.

The ride was a little rough… we ended up leaving late and rushing a bit (which ended up causing us to stop, because we had forgotten to top up the washer fluid). Liam was a champ. We kept him entertained with a simple water bottle and pom poms. When that failed, out came the tablet with Elmo’s World. I got lots of knitting done and we were home before it was time to put Liam down to bed.

Before our trip to Montreal, we made a quick stop at the mall to pick up some supplies (read: Pom Poms). I had the opportunity to whip out my Oscha ring sling and wear Liam for a bit. Toddlerwearing is rare these days, so I jump at any opportunity I get. A lovely lady stopped us and chatted with me about African babywearing and how she didn’t expect to see a white girl wearing her big white baby like they do back home. Heh. It was great :)

I’m excited about another babywearing opportunity I have coming up…an old friend of mine now works with a midwifery group in a small town about an hour and a bit away. She is a member of her local babywearing group and wanted some help with leaving to wrap her toddler. She invited me to her first group get together! I will be bringing a ton of carriers, Liam and will hopefully be able to do a quick Babywearing and Toddlerwearing 101 Session with them. It will be my first official Babywearing Educator Session! I’m very excited. This is all going down next Friday, so I’ll be sure to update afterwards. Wish me luck, because I’m scared poopless.

Overall, I feel like I’m squeezing more and more into my day. Thankfully, the day will feel a little bit longer real soon :)

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