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Rhythm – An update

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning here in Ottawa. I’m trying to get some cleaning in before the end of the weekend.

Today we are heading over to visit Liam’s Nanny,  Grammy and Aunties. We haven’t been able to visit them as much as I would like. Between busy weekends,  illness,  and pat’s classed we’ve been averaging maybe once a month.

I’ve been trying to establish more of a routine for Liam. I’ve talked about the Waldorf concept of rhythm and routine before. I think we’ve finally found a very casual rhythm that works for us:


Mondays: Cleaning,  meal planning, groceries
Tuesdays: Arts &  Crafts
Wednesdays: Baking and tidying
Thurdays: Outdoor play
Fridays: Friends
Saturdays: Errands, tidying
Sundays: Family

We’ve also developed a bit of a routine for the day to day as well,  though this changes depending on our plans.


-wake up
-take care of animals
-TV time
-make dinner
-eat dinner
-bedtime routine

I’ve been trying to integrate gentle transitions to help with these changes. So far Liam has really responded well to them. The one issue we are having is bedtime. Suddenly,  he will not go to bed for me. We are playing with the bedtime routine to see if we can’t find something that works better than what I am doing.


I can’t believe that in less than a month my baby will be 2. Where has the time gone? We have no real plans for celebrating. If the weather cooperates we will go to the park with his buddies. If not,  I may just take him to the museum and maybe a diner for dinner. Simplicity is our motto these days (she says,  despite the pile of birthday gifts upstairs.)

In other news,  my health journey is going well. I’ve lost a total of 8lbs and 11 inches, and feel great.  With the exception of my diet coke love,  I have been really good about eating much better. I no longer crave chips or candy (I do occasionally desperately want a burger and fries). I am not starving myself and am learning about balance. I have been less sore and my digestive health has been so much better.


Kaitlin is trying to convince me to train for a marathon (you crazy woman). We shall see ;) I haven’t done much exercise since catching my cold. I have to get back to activity before I start thinking about a marathon.

I do have some news to share,  but I’ll save that for my next post.  Here’s a teaser: My good luck has served me well again and I’ve won another contest. More details to come :)

1 thought on “Rhythm – An update”

  1. Damn girl, you’re looking good! If a marathon intimidates you a bit, I would highly recommend a 5km run. I did one a few years ago & although it was only 5km, I felt like I conquered the world. It’s a good place to start :)
    Also, I love Liam’s Big Truck Book. I must get one.

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