Spring is here! Finally,  we have a beautiful warm sunny day for us to enjoy. It seems so apt that I have the last step of my makeover tomorrow.

On Thursday,  I made my way downtown and made a quick visit to the CTV studios. Had I not been so nervous,  I would have remembered to take a selfie before heading in. Instead,  I shook like a leaf,  wandered the market and tried to calm myself down with my favourite part of this beautiful city.

It’s been so long since I’ve had the time to wander the byward market. As a teen and 20something, it was my favourite place to be. Cool clothing shops, tea stores,  cafés, clubs, street vendors. It made me smile to be back.

Once I calmed down,  I went in the studios and waited to be seen. They needed to shoot a 60sec before shot for the show. I must have been quite the sight… My hair was frizzy,  blown by the spring wind.   I had no makeup, and a meh outfit. Good for a before,  right? I sat there,  on the stool,  smiling awkwardly in silence,  at a camera. Eventually,  that loooooong minute was over and I made my way to the salon.


My before, in the spa waiting area

After an exceptionally awkward session with the esthetician (due to conversation and scolding,  not the actual service provided which was fine),  I was sent up to the hair salon.

There I was pampered and treated exceptionally well by my stylist/artist, Lindsay. First she asked me a bunch of questions about my taste,  my own style,  my life and what I’m looking for out of this makeover. Together we came up with a super exciting plan. Let’s just say it won’t be boring mom hair anymore!


Almost 6 hours later (yes,  really), I was on my way home with drastically different hair and it was only halfway done. She only did a tiny bit of the cut and the colour. The rest will be done on Monday,  on air.

I’m still getting used to it,  and go from loving to hating it several times a day. I promise to withhold judgement until it’s all done.


Sneak peek

Today we have a busy day ahead. I need to tidy,  because my toddler has destroyed the house (we’ve been stuck inside because he has Roseola/measles/scarlet fever/something/nothing) and get myself all ready for tomorrow morning. I have to be at the studio for 6:50 (uuuuugh),  so I want to be able to just wake up,  drink coffee and leave.


My poor plague baby

This afternoon,  I plan on going out to the local dog park to enjoy this glorious weather and give Liam some time to run around.

Tomorrow,  assuming he’s well,  we are all going out for lunch and then a museum as a family date.

And now,  I’m off to get some work done. I’ll post a link to my segments once they are up! Wish me luck,  everyone!

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