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Spring Fashion

I took a couple pictures the other day to show my girlfriends my new digs, and realized that I should/could share here too! I’m certainly no fashionista or expert, but I am digging my new found bravery when it comes to dressing this changing body.

Pardon the terrible selfie style photo, but my hubby wasn’t home to help me.


I’m wearing: Thyme Maternity cardi (yep, I know. It’s a gorgeous lavender grey though, so I don’t care that it’s maternity), consignment at Belly Laughs. Similar here, herehere. Maurice‘s satin floral tank from 2012, Maurice’s faux leather trim capris. Kate Spade Alease glasses.

I was playing with my hair a bit. It’s the first time I’ve been able to flatiron it on my own in a way that I like.


I’m amazed that the pink, purple and reds have stayed so vibrant. I’m really impressed!

And now, for my modcloth finds:


Modcloth: The Keep Your Friends Cloche Hat, in Navy. 


Modcloth: Spectator Chic Hat

I spend a lot of time outdoors during the spring and summer, now that I have a very energetic toddler. I am very fair and am prone to burning very easily. I started my hat search the second spring collections started to hit the shelves. I wanted something that was cheaper than 30$, that would fit my giant noggin’ and would still look cute. Thankfully, ModCloth has a fantastic selection of hats for every style. I took a gamble getting these without trying them on, but it totally paid off. They are a little snug, but I don’t think they look like they are too small. What do you think?

I really dig how my hair works with the hats.

Well, thanks for checking out my new look. I’ll try to keep posting my fave fashions as I come across them!

1 thought on “Spring Fashion”

  1. Love love love your hair. The color is still so vibrant. Awesome! I love that you posted about hats. I should get one for myself this spring/summer. Not only are they adorable & add so much character, but if I’m going to be on William’s case to wear a hat, I might as well be a good role model & wear one myself.
    Also, I’m lovin’ the navy :)

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