FGI8: day one

So I’ve talked about starting the “Feel Great in 8” challenge.  To get going,  we all have to do a bit of thinking. There’s a series of challenges that we have to do throughout the 8 weeks (that’s kind of the point).

The first was to consider a personal goal to achieve by the end of the 8 weeks. We had some guidelines to follow.  It had to be a true challenge,  something measurable,  and not covered by another point in the program. I came up for a couple of ideas:

-play outside at least 3 times per week with Liam

-practise my hobbies/crafts once a week

-only drink coffee I’ve made at home

-meal plan at least 3 meals a week

-do yoga once a week

I thought about each one and decided on the hobbies/crafts. I need to prioritize me,  my creative spirit and recharging my spirit, just as much as I need to spend time with my baby or as much as we need to be healthier with our eating or workouts.


My current and very late project. A cardigan for Liam.

The next thing I had to sort out was what addiction I wanted to pinpoint to avoid for the 8 weeks. This could be anything. Cellphone use,  Facebook checking,  foods,  casual spending,  etc… I am trying to focus on my eating habits so I narrowed my focus to two major ones: Starbucks and Diet Coke. I’ve decided on the harder of the two: Starbucks. In the end,  it’s best for me for several reasons. I drink so many calories throughout the day and Starbucks is a huge contributor to that.  I also spend way too much money buying lattes and frappucinos. Pat got me a Keurig and a Nespresso frother to curb my Starbucks habit. It worked for a while,  but having a drive thru across the street doesn’t help things.


I pulled everything out this weekend and made my first latte in months. It was soooo good.

To help with my efforts,  my hubby got me something for Mother’s day that I’ve been asking for for months: a fitbit flex! It should arrive any day now and I’m so excited!


You can follow my efforts here and on My fitness Pal.

1 thought on “FGI8: day one”

  1. Fun! You’ll have to add me on Fitbit! I’ve cut out Starbucks except for the few times I really savour it. No more daily, mindless, cup.

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