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A hell of a week

Man, has spring ever arrived with a bang this year. I’m not talking about the weather, so much (though it has been lovely). For me, spring time always seems to be that time of year when the cobwebs get shaken out, where you are forced to deal with unfinished business from your past (often through awkward encounters. Every spring I run into an ex. Every. Single. Spring.), and life gets a little bit interesting for a little while.

This week I started the Feel Great in 8 Challenge and have been doing so-so. I’m finding it difficult to achieve my portions AND stay below my recommended calorie intake. Add to that 2 meditations or prayers a day and a gratitude journal…I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. I’m going to keep at it though. No one ever said that you would succeed the whole time, or that perfection the whole way through was the only way to the finish line. I’m not interested in the cash prize (though it would be a huge help), but rather trying to learn to live better.

I was planning on sharing my gratitude journal entries with you, however my phone decided NOT TO SAVE THE FILE. ARG! I love all but one entry (my very first one). So, I apologize, but here is what I have:



In other news, I finally got my fitbit in the mail and have been enjoying it. I don’t know how people do 10k steps a day. I’ve been close, but I am just not that active. I guess that’s the point though – Now I know and now I can strive to improve.

It matches my nails! I am such a dork

To round out the good portions of the week:

  • Excellent weather meant lots of time spent outside with little man. So. Much Fun.




This also meant lots of time outside with our buddies! We were lucky enough to hang out with our pals several times this week.

  • Good news on the job front… I am going to be working with one of my co-workers on social media for the store! I have so many ideas brewing! Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to link what I can so that you guys can see the fruit of my labour.

On the “Hell” portion of the week, we’ve definitely hit some bumps. Money is extremely tight for us, and as a result, I’ve had to change up some planned spending (including my mother’s day plans) and we’ve had to re-examine the budget. It’s going to be a tough few months for us, but we’re going to try to make it work. Thankfully, this change in my job means a couple more hours a week for me. Every little bit helps, right?

Unfortunately, we’ve also had some really odd and unpleasant experiences. On Monday, we witnessed a dog leave the dog park portion of the play park and attack a few kids. Thankfully, our boys were in the swings and all the kids affected turned out to be ok. The dog, a very large one, seemed to be playing rather than aggressively attacking, but several small children were knocked over violently and pinned. The owner didn’t apologize, stick around OR attempt to control her dog. It was pretty upsetting for those involved. Then, on Wednesday night, coming home from work, I was nearly run off the road by a drunk or distracted driver. Thankfully, I was taught to drive defensively and so I was able to dodge safely. I managed to get the make, model and license plate, so I pulled over and reported it.


Finally (hopefully), yesterday, the boys were out playing at the park while we mamas chatted. We noticed the boys stomping in the solitary puddle (If there is a puddle, these guys will find it and epic stomp). We laughed and took pictures, until we noticed something was wrong. Their pants were changing colour. Huh? Turns out it was a puddle of bleach (we think). We all stayed calm and acted fast, so the boys were fine. Their clothes are ruined, and we were a bit shakey afterwards.

Innocent looking puddle…
The result
The result


It was pretty scary. I am so thankful that my friend, Jenn, lives so close to the park. The boys loved having a bath together and ran around the house naked for a bit. I am extremely disappointed in how The City of Ottawa responded to the situation. Jenn called them, and was told that they would get to it within a business day. What? A puddle of chemicals, directly beside a toddler play structure, on a busy path, in a busy public park, beside a dog park?! With it being Thursday, a business day would mean it could sit for the whole weekend! I took to twitter to rant about the situation. I sent pictures and info to the city twitter page, the mayor, a radio station AND the local news. Not a single one replied. It wasn’t for naught though, Jenn reported this morning that at 7am city workers were out there cleaning the scene. I am just so thankful everyone was ok and that only clothing was affected. It could have been so so much worse.

Today has been a bit gloomy, with the winding down of a crazy week and thunderstorms brewing up above. This weekend we are emptying out the storage unit we filled with the last bit of my mom’s estate. I’m nervous… the timing is so ridiculous that we are dealing with this on mother’s day weekend (especially because I can’t celebrate or distract myself afterwards). I’m hoping that I can stay strong through this and that it’s not too hard on me, emotionally. Our home is about to have some big changes as a result of this stuff coming in. Hopefully it won’t be too chaotic. Wish us luck! I’m going to be buried under mountains of memories and cardboard boxes for the next while.