Tarot Reading



Set the Scene: Devil

Losing independence, addiction and bondage, caught up, overindulgence, choosing to stay in the dark, feeling hopeless. Break free by looking beyond the material.



-Having a hard time making the first steps in a new direction, breaking free. it may seem impossible to move forward, but deep down, you know you can do this. A hidden relationship coming to the surface.

-Feeling like you’ve lost control in your life, the desire to break the status quo, challenging ideas, coming out of doing things “automatically” and seeing if they actual work for you, look within.

-Painful ending to allow for new growth and regeneration, fear of pain, delaying the inevitable, carrying around old pain, fear of ruin, face this past pain once and for all

-Father figure, solid foundation, strong family. Domination of mind over heart.

-Beginning of a spiritual journey, looking within to find true happiness, mental exhaustion with current situation, disappointment in love,

-Broken home/marriage, emotional connection in a relationship is blocked, treat him with love and respect and he will follow, not being true to yourself,

-Moving on, acceptance, forgiveness, learning from the past, hope for the future, hidden blessings, the sun peaking through the clouds, approaching change

-Isolation, poverty, loss of wealth, failure. People around you are willing to help you through this difficult time. Connection with the material has issues that need to be resolved.


Result/What to do now:

-Challenges in moving on from the past, resisting a necessary transition, look for the benefits of this change, feeling forced towards a change

-Breakdown of communication, lack of harmony in the home, instability, fear of commitment.

-Security, control, power, discipline, abundance, problem solving, being pragmatic.



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