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Hey guys!

I just wanted to let you know that my latest review is up over on the Belly Laughs blog and youtube channel. Please go check it out and let me know what you think. I’m new to this video review thing, so I appreciate all the feedback  you can give me!

As a fun tie in to the Abby review, I decided to do a quick “What’s in my bag”  photo to show you what I carry with me on a typical day, as well as a quick talk about those fave bits and bobs that I carry with me everywhere!




For Liam:

  •  Toys! I never ever leave home without at least a few toys. If I know I’m going to be seeing one or more of his buddies, I try to bring enough toys for everyone. Yes, really. Today, we have the much loved B Toys Cell Phone (I love this thing, you can record your own little message in it! It’s one of the few Yule gifts Liam received that he still plays with regularly.), a couple matchbox cars and a school bus (which we purchased at Belly Laughs, available in store only). During the Summer time, I always make sure to bring a bottle of bubbles with me where ever I go. These have proven to be invaluable to me. They are the instant smile-maker in our house. These are the Melissa and Doug Turtle Bubbles, which have a great handle that Liam can easily manage. Available at Belly Laughs, in store only.
  • Diapering Supplies. We are starting Potty Learning, so we are almost exclusively in Pull Ups now. I usually carry 2 with us. I also bring along a pack of wipes, as they are great for all kind of clean ups. I always make sure to pack a small diaper cream as well. Our current favourites are Substance Nappy Rash Ointment as well as CJ’s BUTTer Plus (which has added ingredients to help combat and treat yeast)
  • Outdoor Care. I never leave home without some sunscreen for Liam and myself, Our current favourite is the sprayable Goddess Garden Organics. This year has been brutal for mosquitos, so I’ve been carrying around this amazing essential oil blend “In the Bush” from Butterfly Weed that helps keep bugs off. I also have a cute pair of sunglasses for the little man, should the mood strike him. (This cute blue pair were a steal in store at Joe Fresh). Not pictured, I usually also have some first aid stuff, namely a few cute bandaids in my wallet and some Dimpleskins Boo Boo Goo.
  • For the Belly. As a mother to a growing boy, I realize I will forever have to travel with snacks in tow. I love this adorable snack trap to keep all the cheesy fishies contained. I also bring along some water, as playing is thirsty work. I’m a fan of these Avent bottles. They really are leak proof.
  • Carry Me. I always have at least one carrier with me when I’m out with Liam (this includes short walks to the mailbox), especially now that little man has returned to loving being in our arms or on our backs. My carrier of choice lately has been the ring sling, as it is super compact, easy to store and perfect for those toddler ups and downs. Shown here is my lovely purple Maya Ring Sling.

For Mama:

  • Hydration. Staying hydrated is a major part of my day. I love this Nalgene bottle. It’s small enough that I don’t feel like a pack mule carrying it around, but large enough to carry the water that I need while I’m out and about.
  • Cosmetics. I love me some lip products and always have more than one on hand. In this case, I have my absolutely favourite gloss, Black Honey by Clinique. It looks great on everyone. Seriously. Next is the beautiful and near Dior Addict Glow balm by Dior. It is a different colour on everyone, sort of like a mood lipstick that is actually pretty. On me it’s a bright petal pink. I also carry one plain old lip balm with me everyone. This time it’s the Lavender and Vanilla Meringue balm by Earth Mama Angel Baby.
  • Skin Care. As most of you know, I have Eczema and it is especially bad on my hands and arms. I never leave home without some kind of hand cream. My favourite lately has been X Cream by Earth To Body. It’s not too heavy or oily, but is heavy enough to actually make a difference on my very dry hands.
  • Knitta What?! Even when I don’t have a craft project with me, I do like to carry my very handy Knit Kit with me everywhere I go. Just in case. I know, I’m ridiculous.
  • Smart phone. I live on my LG G2 beasty. I loves it.
  • Calling George Costanza. My giant, beautiful and incredibly full Petunia Pickle Bottom wallet goes with me everywhere.
Yep, that's me.

Yep, that’s me.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little look into my big bag! I know it seems crazy to carry all that with me, all the time, but I promise you that it isn’t that heavy and it all fits in my amazing Abby Convertible Diaper Bag with lots of room to spare. If you have any questions, please ask! I love to talk about the products that I can’t live without. What do you carry with you when you are out and about with your little one?

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