Catching Up

I always feel like I have so much to share with you, until I click that little “New Post” button. My mind then goes blank or fills with “Meh, no one cares about that…”

So, I’ll try my best to ignore that and keep talking. Life has been trucking on. I attended the Brockville Babywearing group meet last month and had a blast, despite being late (screw you Google Maps). It was such a wonderful group of women and kiddos. I loved sharing my collection of carriers, or my “Magical Trunk” as it was referred to by the end of the meet. I spread the ring sling love and taught a few short carries.

Unfortunately, Liam managed to catch himself a case of Hand, Foot and Mouth while we were there, so we have been stuck inside with an unhappy and sore toddler for the last two weeks. Thankfully, we finally managed to get outside a couple of days ago and both feel so much better for it.

Liam, loving the park after being sick.

Liam, loving the park after being sick.

Another big thing that has been going on for us is that we fell in love with a house, got all ready to buy that house and then discovered it was a lemon. All within about a week. We were pretty heartbroken and have finally recovered to the point that we have realized we do still want to move, so we have started talking with an agent and will hopefully be fleeing the ‘burbs for a taste of country living! I can’t tell you house excited I am to start over somewhere new. We will be close enough to town that we can still see our peeps (Jenn, Krista, you aren’t rid of me yet!), while also being closer to my bestie, Sarah. Moving will mean some major life changes for us (getting rid of our blue beastie SUV for two smaller cheaper vehicles, living far more modestly, etc…), but I feel like I’m ready. I want to be in our forever home, so that every change and upgrade we make is for us, not the next owners. 

Otherwise, we have some travels coming up for us. Nothing fancy or major, but just a roadtrip to Montreal for a funeral. I’m dreading the drive and attempting to get a 2 yr. old to sit through the service, so wish us luck. Any tips or tricks on surviving this are welcome and appreciated. 

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