Decluttering, again.

I am sure that there is a symbol of our crazy lives in all of this,  but I am sitting here amazed that despite all the hard work we’ve put in so far,  we still have so much a head of us.

We are sitting in limbo again. We are living in the grey zone of “want need the hell out of suburbia NOW”  and “we refuse to settle for a home that isn’t right”.

We have to cautiously get ourselves ready for selling (fall is right around the corner and is prime selling time), without burning out again and ending up discouraged like last time.

Despite all of our hard work last time and my many instalments of UFYH,  we have so much stuff. Everywhere. It just keeps growing and growing. I clean around it,  I shift it around the house,  and try to ignore it,  but it is taking over.
Part of my problem is that I have inherited my parents value of stuff (“but that cost $40 two years ago! It’s like new! Sure,  we never use it but we miiiight. One day. I can’t just get rid of it!” and “but that was my mother’s embroidery stuff! Sure,  it’s been in storage for 60 years but it means something to me!”)

I’m trying to be ruthless, but it’s so hard to move past those kinds of thoughts. I feel guilt for money long spent and I feel heartbroken about giving up items owned by family that I have since lost.

How do you keep your homes tidy? Do you declutter? Any tips for us? I need help!

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