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Indian Summer

Last week I was hunting through boxes and closets to find the winter items I packed away (thinking we would be moved and unpacked before I needed them. Oh, how plans change). Yesterday, I dressed my son in shorts and a tshirt for our afternoon walk. Indian Summer is upon us and it’s perfect. I love waking up to a chilly room, only to be comfortable enough to have lunch out on the deck.

This week was an odd one. We continued on our 21 Day Fix journey, while also trying to finish up this house business (Spoiler: Still not done. Who is surprised? Not me). Tracy and I have been plotting and planning, hoping to get here here before all the leaves fall. I’m not sure if it will work out, but it’s nice to have something to look forward to and dream about. I  miss my sister so much. She is my other half. It’s funny, how this distance between us was the catalyst to our relationship changing and strengthening, but it is also the thing that keeps us apart. I hate that our country is so freaking big and expensive to cross. We haven’t seen each other in over a year. The Sutherland sisters need a reunion.

30291_1391604722082_4998285_nThis past week also marked 6 years since my Dad passed. I am doing surprisingly ok, but I have found that it has made me nostalgic. I looked back at some old family pictures. It is still a shock to see how different my life and family were back then. I wouldn’t change what I have now for the world, but it’s hard not to miss people that you once considered siblings. I miss some of the friendships that I had then. How life seemed just a little less…complicated.

Easter 2008
Easter 2008

Of course, I was in my 20s then, a young woman who had just moved in with her long term boyfriend. It’s amazing how quickly living without a support system you have known your own life can become so normal. You adapt. You build a new family. You redefine. I’m on the other side of it all now. I wasn’t sure I would ever make it here, but I did. We survived.

Oh, fall. You do this to me every year. I’ve let my coffee go cold and my son has been watching far too much tv this morning. Have a wonderful weekend, all.

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