October is such a funny month. I can’t get over the 20+ celcius days followed by frosty nights (and mornings). The sun is bright and shining, and yet the days are getting shorter and shorter. It’s a hard month for many, because of the cold and dark, but I am one of those people who shares Anne of Green Gable’s opinion:


Sweaters, tea, knitting and snuggles in the evening. I can’t get enough. Show me a tree that has changed to bright and beautiful reds, yellows, oranges and browns, and I am in love. Halloween? Don’t even get me started on how much I love Halloween.

I have started plotting and planning for Yule already. Funny how becoming a parent forced me to become a planner. Thankfully, some kijiji finds and a couple great fall sales have meant my kiddo is going to have a rockin’ time. We are actually going to have a bit of an early Yule celebration in the next while because my sister is coming for a visit! It’s been so so long since we have seen each other (Liam had just turned one!). I can’t wait. We are 10 days away!

We are continuing to truck along on our lifestyle change. We finished the first round of 21 Day fix, and had great success considering we weren’t hardcore about it (we missed almost a week worth of workouts, and cheated on 2 days). I lost a total of 7lbs and 8.5 inches (from head to toe, total). Pat lost 11lbs and has had his body shape completely change. He lost fat, and then gained muscles, for the inch loss (bwahahaha, oh my dirty mind) isn’t has much as we were expecting, but it makes sense.

Our plan is to continue eating well and work out as much as we can (we’ve both been slacking). Hopefully we continue on this journey to being healthier! Do you have any tips for not going nuts and gorging at Thanksgiving?

One thought on “October

  1. So incredibly awed at the effort you are putting in to your lifestyle, Hezz. It’s inspiring! As for Yule, I look forward to seeing any Samhain pics/Halloween thingies you may want to post ;)

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