DIY: Cleaning Spilled Scentsy

When we were looking at selling our home, I started looking into Scentsy products. I liked the idea of pretty scents without the fire risk of candles. I find regular plug ins and sprays really artificial smelling and I very rarely enjoy the scents available. My mother was a huge fan of Partylite products and Scentsy, so it made sense to use what I had inherited from her to try. Unfortunately, a cup of liquid wax isn’t always the smartest thing to have in this house.

A couple weeks ago, while playing, a giant ball went flying into the living room where I was knitting and relaxing. It hit the warmer I had beside me and made the room look like a crime scene:

Calling Dexter

Calling Dexter

Thankfully, the warmer itself survived the incident. I immediately started looking online for ways to clean up this mess. The two main methods used and recommended were: Hairdryer and Paper Towel, Iron and Paper Towel. I decided that this would be a good opportunity to try both and report back to you guys. So, uh, I did.

The Iron Method

So, the basic idea is that you put paper towel over the wax, turn on your iron and place it on the paper towel. Some people reported the wax getting on their iron so I was really careful, as our iron is fairly new and well loved around here.

20141105_093418Right away, I realized that this method was really only good for flat surfaces. Not idea of the moulding we have, or the little areas where the floor met the moulding, or the moulding met the wall. I decided to try it out on our side table first.


It worked! Unfortunately though, despite my best efforts, it did get some wax on the iron which I then needed to carefully clean. I am not a fan of cleaning methods where I need to do follow up cleaning. So, on to the hair dryer method.

Hair Dryer Method

I didn’t get a picture of myself doing this as it worked so fast that I had wax dripping everywhere. This method is really best with two free hands (one holding the dryer, the other holding the paper towel to mop it up). Initially, I was really really impressed! It really seemed to work well! Unfortunately, dark red wax on beige and white paint resulted in some staining. I attempted to do some patch cleaning with the iron, but it was no use. I will need to go at this again with either something scrubby.



Over all though, not bad considering! This should also help if you spill wax from a candle.

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