Review: Ipsy’s January Glam Bag

Hi there! The freezing temperatures of January have had us snuggled up and cozy at home the last few weeks. I just received something that helped to cheer me up from the winter blahs – My very first Ipsy bag!

For those who aren’t familiar with Ipsy, it’s a monthly beauty subscription service. Every month you get a new bag of goodies, picked for you based on the theme of the month, your tastes and your routine. It is a fantastic way to try a variety of brands, products and tools for only $10 a month. As you all know, I am a makeup geek and love the opportunity to try new products every month.

January’s Glam Bag theme was Fresh Start, which is fitting.

Ipsy January Glam BagSo, firstly the bag that I was sent this month was cute. I don’t love the white side, but it will be a great little bag for keeping brushes in, or for travel.

Here is the look I came up with for this month’s products


Here is everything I got:

Elizabeth Mott All Over Shadow Brush

This is a super cute brush. I really enjoy the pink tips. It’s not as big as my usual all-over shadow brush, but I think it would be great for when I’m traveling.

Be Good “Good Day, Day Moisturizer”

When I first made my ipsy account, I was pretty hardcore about no creams or face products because of how sensitive my skin can be. I eventually changed it, because I do really enjoy a good product when it works. I am very thankful for doing that because this moisturizer is amazing! It goes on so nicely. It moisturizes and softens without feeling greasy and it absorbs really well. I don’t feel dry or oily afterwards. In fact, it gives a really pleasant tingle. I love using it. I just wish it had a better scent. It kind of smells like seaweed to me.

Bellapierre Shimmer Powder in Celebrate.

I love eyeshadow. Like, a lot. I have an obscene collection. Golds are probably my favourite, but they are tricky to get right. Unfortunately, this colour just isn’t the gold that I enjoy. It’s more of a fancy orange or copper. The formula itself seems nice. It goes on smoothly and with great vibrancy.

Pacifica Natural Mineral Coconut Eyeshadow in Ethereal

Because of my sensitive skin, I tend to avoid mineral makeups. They dry me out and trigger my eczema really quickly. Despite this, I decided to give this a try. I didn’t have any issues with irritation or dryness, so that was a huge bonus. Unfortunately, the colour is kind of meh. It’s a decent highlighting shade, so good for for brow bone area, but otherwise I’m just not taken with it.

Ipsy January Glam Bag Eyeshadow SwatchAs you can see, Ethereal just disappears on my skin.

Probelle Nail Polish in Into the Blue

Another makeup thing that I love is nail polish. I have a decent collection and always want more colours. I was really excited to find this in my bag. Sadly, it did not even remotely live up to my expectations. The formula is incredibly streaky and sheer. It took me three coats before I finally gave up (and I could still see through patches). The bottle claims that it is glossy, but it was more of a cream on me. The colour was sort of hazy and foggy which, in a blue, doesn’t do anything for me. I just don’t like it.

Probelle Into The Blue Nail PolishSo, overall I am super pleased with the value of this bag. I liked playing with everything I received. I can’t wait to see what we get next month! If you would like to sign up, click here. Ipsy also gives discount codes for the products featured in each bag so that you can buy a full sized version of the product at a discounted price.

Let me know if you like me talking about my ipsy bags, or if you’d like to see a video review or “unbagging”.

Note: This is not a sponsored post. If you sign up through my link, I do get “Ipsy Points”, but please feel free to sign up through the main ipsy page instead of my referral. I just really like talking about makeup.

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