More than just a number

Why is it whenever I get writing, something comes and throws off my groove. This time, it was a rough prenatal appointment that messed with my head.

For any of you that follow me on twitter and instagram, you know that I am a proud supporter of the #bootyrevolution and body positivity movement. What does this mean? Well, for me, it means loving your body. Period. No matter what shape or size you may be, you celebrate your beauty and your strength. I also go a bit further than that, and try to amplify the voices of those who fight against fat phobia and help teach people that fat doesn’t always mean unhealthy.

I am a fat woman. I have struggled with my body for my entire life, no matter what weight I was I always felt that I was unloveable and unattractive. I have struggled with my eating for as long as I can remember and so this is a huge step for me, to love myself without “but…! or if only I were __X___ size/weight”. I know I am not the healthiest I could be. I know I should eat better and be more active. This doesn’t meant that I am worth less, or that I am lazy or disgusting.

At my last prenatal appointment, I was seen by a new doctor (he was in because my regular dr was on vacation). He decided to spent the entire appointment harping on my weight, purely based on the numbers on the scale (he had no knowledge of my diet, lifestyle or family history). He was baffled that based on all the tests, I was healthy. I am a fat pregnant woman who has a healthy blood pressure, no diabetes and no other health concerns related to my weight. He was mean and left me feeling hurt and upset.

It was the first time I ever faced this kind of reaction from a medical professional, which I know means that I have been very lucky. I have heard so many horror stories and have been very fortunate to have drs who have been amazing. Until now. I am a very sensitive person and I really took this badly. It took me a week or so to really get over.

So, I am here now to talk to you, my readers, about what it’s like to be a fat woman. People look at you and they make assumptions. They assume you are gross, disgusting, lazy,  that you live off of junk food. They assume you are unhealthy and many decide that they should “help” by pointing out ways that you could be better. It is revolutionary that a fat person would love themselves as they are, not as a “Before”. I want to ask you to keep your fitness and diet tips to yourself, unless they were requested. Don’t give back handed compliments. And please, check yourself for those preconceived notions about people who are fat.

Thanks <3

One thought on “More than just a number

  1. That is just horrible! I am thankful to have a midwife who doesn’t believe in tracking weight gain in pregnant women. I haven’t weighed myself since getting pregnant and don’t plan too! Our bodies are doing amazing things by gestating these tiny humans. You should put in a complaint. You are beautiful and healthy! No one (especially a doctor) should make you feel this way!

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