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Hospital Bag

It has been a crazy week here, all of which kind of hit me like a tonne of bricks on Friday (annoying money issues, over scheduled, health stuff, all at once). That all came to a head when I was told to go to Labour and Delivery triage to get checked out. There were concerns my water had broken or was leaking. Weeeeee.

So, as Pat rushed home from work, I grabbed a bag and threw some stuff in for me and another bag for Liam, just in case. At 29/30 weeks, it was entirely possible things were getting really real, much sooner than expected.

We spent several hours at the hospital, Liam was awesome, Pat was a saint and I was sore and tired. Baby and I are both fine, though they want my OB to keep a close eye on things.

This whole thing really made me realize how close we are to Baby arriving, whether or not we are ready for it. So, I took a close look at my lists and decided it was time to start getting things together. I mentioned this to my girlfriends in my due date group (Hello to my December Buzzle Mamas!) and was asked to share my Hospital Bag check list. I figured some of you may be interested as well! In this case, I am packing with the possibility of a few nights stay in mind. I was woefully unprepared when Liam was born and really wished I had packed more of certain items and waaaay less of others.


Click here for the pdf copy of my list.

I was really impressed by the Triage staff. I have been nervous about this hospital, as it’s where my mother worked for years and years, and I’ve heard they tend to be busy (which sometimes translates to them sending labouring moms to walk around the hospital/hang out somewhere else because they don’t have a spot for them to labour privately). Our nurse, Judy, was awesome. She immediately put me at ease, was great with Liam and with Pat.

We are meeting a good friend of mine this week to see if she might join us as our doula. I’m really really hopeful that she and Pat will hit it off and that we’ll have this extra set of hands as support during this birth. Wish us luck! I can’t believe we are so close to the end already!

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