2015 Round Up and Resolutions

Man, these holidays have flown by. I can’t believe it’s New Years Eve already. 2015 was a weird one. It felt long. It was not an easy year for us. Here’s the recap.


I started the year hopeful. I had gotten back into crafts, I was super close with friends, and I was excited to be posting more often. I was being approached by companies to do posts and this thrilled me. I took my resolution of self love very seriously and I opened up about being queer. We started trying for baby #2


Started a new fitness plan and tried to eat better. My body was sore and my health wasn’t great. I was struggling with missing my parents. I started backing up old pictures and working on photo albums. Liam turned three! I was told I was having a miscarriage (dr and tests confirmed this) and went through a really difficult time…until it turned out that baby wasn’t going anywhere! Horrible morning sickness, ahoy! Our financial situation is pretty bad, so I went back to work and Pat started job hunting.


We emptied out our storage unit and finally went through all of the stuff from my parents’ estate. Major decluttering began. We became really close with our neighbours and spent a lot of time with them. My fur baby, Byron, had to be put down. I am heartbroken, still, by this. My friends took me to see Sarah Harmer for my birthday. I was sure baby was a girl, we picked a name and I knit her a cute little cardigan. I had a doctor fat shame me and I realized that I had truly come to a place that I loved and valued my body and self, no matter what my size or shape.We found out baby was a boy and we were shocked.


A tough time for my pregnancy. I had a bleed and started having a hard time with pelvic pain. Started nesting and really prepping the house. I started sticking closer to home and really settled in. Sarah threw me a great baby shower.  My friend Claire offered to be my doula and Mason decided to come early and our hospital saga began, leaving me with bad post partum anxiety.


So, here we are. Thankfully, the combination of support, monitoring by my dr and a change in my prescription has really helped with my anxiety and we’re doing pretty well settling in to our new groove. This year has felt like an uphill climb.

As for my resolutions, I set out to do the following in 2015:

  • Make time for my husband and our relationship
  • Continue to nurture my creativity
  • Continue on the path to living a healthier life
  • Be more present in the moment.
  • Let go of the material. It doesn’t define me.

I think I did an ok job. We definitely got sidetracked a bit on our relationship and in focusing on my creativity. I really failed with letting go of the material. I spent way too much money on useless crap. This year, I need to figure out how to live within our means. I also want to set out to spend more quality time with family and friends. I want to nurture those relationships as well. I’m going to keep these resolutions. I think I may even write this up and put it up somewhere where I can see it daily. Hopefully, we’ll have a bit more success in 2016.

Thank you so much for following my journey here and keeping up with our family. I hope you had a great 2015 and that 2016 is kind to you. Happy New Year!

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