Mason – Two Months


Man, were we ever spoiled at the beginning of the winter. Jack Frost is definitely making up for lost time. Unfortunately, this weather has turned me into something of a hermit. It’s such a pain to outfit two kids to head outside, especially when I’m not a fan of winter myself. As a result, I really don’t have much to post about most days. Sorry about that. Also, I’ve decided to cancel my ipsy subscription. I just haven’t been thrilled by it, and with the baby, I’m just not wearing make up right now.

As we settle more comfortably into a routine and the weather warms, I’m sure I’ll have more to say. In the mean time, here is a month’s worth of news.

Mason turned two months old on Friday. I can’t believe how fast time is going this time around. We are right in the middle of wonder weeks, cluster feeding and sleep changes, so I’ve been feeling a little rough. Add to that kindergarten registration for Liam, and you have a very emotional mama. I also managed to hurt one of my toes and have it get infected. So much ouch. I’m on antibiotics now, but if they don’t help, I may need further more invasive help from my doctor. Thankfully, this month also brought me a visit from my sister, Tracy. It’s been a year since her last visit, so I was thrilled to have her and for her to meet Mason. It was so nice to have her here and the week went way too quickly.

I’ve started trying to take care of myself again, as I noticed that I was gaining back weight lost. My back and hips were acting up as a result and I knew I needed to act. I really gained after I had Liam (lost thanks to breastfeeding and then gained back everything I lost a few months after my supply regulated), and I don’t want to do that to myself again. We are trying to keep lots of fresh produce in the house and plan meals again, which is really a lot of work with a velcro baby. So far, the effort has been worth it. I’m feeling much better and my body isn’t as sore all the time.

And now, let’s see what’s going on with Mr. M:

At the end of his second month, Mason is 12lbs, and 59cm tall.
– Diaper Size: Pampers Swaddlers 2, cloth diapers in size 1
– Clothing Size: 3 months, some small 6 months
– Favourite Clothes: Fleece sleepers and onepiece outfits. There’s this one shirt I love that is a 2 in 1 tshirt/onesie.
This is it:
– Nicknames: Mace and Macey (from Liam), Pooper, stinker, squeaker, little man, bug
– Lots of hugs and kisses from his big brother
– Sleeps in bed with Mommy, in the beco gemini or in the pack n play
– Will only fall asleep on the boob or in the beco gemini, daddy’s arms or the car seat
– Started to play with hanging toys on the vibrating chair or activity mat
– Started wearing cloth diapers during the day.
– Hates the carseat and the car
– Stops crying when Kesha’s “Blow” plays, just like his brother.
– Caught first cold
– Colicky/Purple Crying every night from 7 until about 10
– Took a bit of milk from a bottle
– Met his Auntie Tracy, Auntie Sarah, Cousin Annabelle, Auntie Jodie, Uncle Colin, and Cousins Elliot and Wesley.
– First trip to the mall and first ride in the stroller (not a fan)
– Started smiling socially
– Hates being right against mummy’s skin
– Started playing strange. Only wants Mummy
– Started wiggling when awake
– Is worn every day, mostly in the Beco Gemini and occasionally a ring sling.
– Got first set of shots
Pictures from this month:
So, as I mentioned up there, we’ve been really using the Beco Gemini a lot. I have come to terms with the fact that despite my intentions to wrap this baby, my body just can’t do it. It’s too hard on my back to reach like I need to. As a result, I’m going to be selling off most of my wraps, hopefully to fund a Lenny Lamb carrier, which should bridge the gap between our Gemini and Tula. We will keep the ring slings and the mei tai, but that’s it. I’ll make a post with a listing for what I’m selling for those that might be interested.
It’s been so strange packing up the outgrown clothes and baby items. It all happens so fast! We are listing our swing, as he really doesn’t enjoy it anymore and it takes up so much space. I’ve been putting aside his newborn stuff for consignment, donation and the couple little things to keep for his memory box. I’m doing the same with my maternity clothes. So much more room in my closet! With these two boys, the last thing I want to do is hang on to stuff.



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