Mason – 3 Months Old


This was not a good month for us. The majority of the month saw both Liam and Mason being sick (Liam has pneumonia), and Mason is teething (which means I’m getting bitten, fun times) and now Pat and I as well. There has been a lot of stress, not a lot of sleep and…yeah. Not good. Despite the difficulties, we have seen some amazing changes in Mason. He lost that newborn look and is so much more present and active. He grabs, swats, wiggles, chatters and laughs. It’s awesome to get feedback from him. It helps so much, especially on those hard days.

I remember months 2 and 3 being really hard with Liam. In fact, I remember calling Pat right around my birthday and just sobbing and begging him to come home because I couldn’t do it alone anymore. Thankfully, it’s no where near as bad for me this time around, as I don’t seem to have PPD like I did then, and I am way more confident in my parenting choices and abilities.

Anyway, let’s see what’s going on with Mr. M:

Mason is around 15lbs, according to our home scale
– Diaper Size: Pampers Swaddlers 2, cloth diapers in size 2
– Clothing Size:6 months
– Favourite Clothes: One piece outfits, leggings and long sleeved onesies, and cotton sleepers. There is one shirt that I think we got from Krista that I adore.
This is it:
– Nicknames: Mace and Macey, stinker, squeaker, small fry, turd
– Playing with us by grabbing and kicking
– Teething for sure. Drooling,  biting and teeth are starting to bulge beneath the gums.
– The sound of running water puts him to sleep
– Still won’t take a soother
– Still hates the car and his car seat.
– Loves visits to Nanny’s and Doppy’s
– Likes to practice and work on new moves at around 4am. Lately is trying to figure out rolling.
– Is worn every day, mostly in the Beco Gemini and occasionally a ring sling.
– Loves Scout, a singing stuffie that was his brother’s
– Enjoys watching netflix with his brother.
– HATES taking medicine
Pictures from this month:

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