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Pregnancy Update: End of Month 6, Beginning of 7 – Bye Bye 2nd Trimester!

What a freaking month. The 2nd Trimester definitely went out with a bang.

27 Weeks
27 Weeks

A peek at month 6: So, my 6th month started with some bleeding. This, my friends, was not a good start. Baby and I are fine, but it ended up causing a whole bunch of stress. I am RH-. What this means, is if my blood mixes with baby’s, my body will create antibodies to fight the foreign blood, and the baby could be harmed as a result. As with Liam’s pregnancy, I was told to go call in right away if I had spotting, and any more than that, I should go to the ER.

As I am in shared care with my GP and an OB, I first called my OB and found out he was on vacation. His receptionist was awesome and immediately calmed me down. I then gave Triage at the hospital a call, and they told me to rest up. The most they would do at this point is just monitor the heart beat and potentially give an ultrasound. They recommended seeing my own doctor first if I was worried. So, I called the GP and immediately she launched into THIS IS NOT A DRILL! PANIC PANIC PANIC GET THEE TO A HOSPITAL mode. So, I called triage again and they were confused by the freak out. They assured me bleeding is common and because of the small amount, the best thing I could do is rest and monitor baby’s movements from home. They said I could come in any time if I was nervous, but that it wasn’t necessary. So, I stayed home and took some time off work. I had no more bleeding and felt pretty ok, so I figured the situation was resolved.

NOPE! Cue further panic and now anger from GP about the way triage and my OB handled things. I was sent for an ultrasound to make sure everything was ok.

And the ultrasound says….


Though it was a nerve-wracking hour long ultrasound, complete with OB visit due to potential issues, everything looks great. Baby is a big healthy boy. This whole situation made me annoyed at the lack of communication and the varying responses, so I switched to full care with my OB. All of this pretty much spanned the entire month. I just switched to my OB last week.

So, aside from that drama, we finally picked a name (I will refer to Baby as Baby M from now on. The name won’t be announced for a little while. Sorry!) and we started arranging things around the house for baby stuff. The crib is set up in our room.

Small nightstand with diapers and sleepers. Crib set up beside the bed.
Small nightstand with diapers and sleepers. Crib set up beside the bed.

I was generously gifted a beautiful glider. I have started washing and sorting all the baby clothes. The hospital bag is in the works and I am now working on getting my diapers set up.


Liam and I are currently fighting bad colds, which means no sleep here. I am living in support belts or my ring slings, as my hip, belly, back and pelvic pain is constant now. I am in the process of getting my shots to deal with my RH- status and I am waiting on my glucose test results.

How far along am I right now? 28 weeks. Third trimester just started!!

I am thinking…About everything else we have to arrange. Who will care for Maddie and Cole? When should I start prepping my freezer meal stash?

I am thankful for…The steadfast people in our lives.

I am creating…Nothing. All the stress of month 6 put all of my knitting and crafting aside. Thinking about maybe making a mobile for baby, but that’s about it.

I am going…to lose my mind trying to make it to all of these appointments while also managing a very emotional 3 year old.

I am hoping…that health drama calms down and we finish things out calmly and nicely.

Around the house…The new playroom has been a huge hit! I have sorted out all of the baby clothes into sizes and washed them. I have also organized all of the baby toys we still have from Liam. I am in the process of prepping diapers (My friend S still has a bunch of my stash, but I have been organizing the stuff I do have into sizing, prepping the new stuff, bleaching and washing stuff I have bought second hand or leant out to other friends. Next I will stuff/organize and set up by size).

One of my favorite things…This crazy expensive soda I found at the grocery store. It’s an extra dry vanilla pop. It’s super bubbly, not too sweet and super tasty.

Weight Gain: With all the health stuff, I have lost a bit. I am currently sitting between 15-20lbs

Baby in the Produce World:  Baby Centre says baby M is now as big as a large eggplant (at 28 weeks)
 Movement/Signs of the Baby: Kiddo really really amped up his movements in month 6. He is an active little dude. Differing than his brother in one way though, instead of hiding when people try to feel him move, he just calms right down and stops moving all together. This means poor Daddy has really only felt the smallest nudge, but that’s it.

Cravings and Aversions: Craving chocolate and sweet things, but that’s about it. Fell in love with Apple Cinnamon Cheerios. Soooooo good. Still hating Jane’s chicken nuggets.
Body Changes/Weirdness: More aches and pains, weird nerve pain in my legs, my calves keep cramping up and baby feels super low a lot.
Other Random Babeh/Pregnancy thoughts: How on earth am I going to manage the sleep deprivation with such an active preschooler?
Other Pictures from the 6th month:
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Where did the summer go? I mean, it’s still 40C out there with the humidex, but I can’t believe it’s already September. I don’t feel like we’ve been busy this summer, and yet it has flown by.

The past few weeks have been a bit tough here. I had some bleeding a couple weeks ago, and so my health team is keeping an eye on things and telling me to “take it easy” (which, you know, with a 3 year old is kind of interesting). There have been some miscommunication and a case of too many cooks I think, so I’m switching from shared care (GP and OB) to just my OB. I won’t lie. I’m a bit stressed about everything right now. I had an appointment this past Thursday, another this Friday and then another two weeks after that. Somewhere in there they want me to get an ultrasound done too.  As far as we can tell, baby is fine, but they want to keep a close eye on things.

This, of course, has ramped up project “OMG, time to get ready for baby!”, so I’ve been making lists, researching and started packing our hospital bag. I am mostly freaking out about how Liam will fair during Go Baby! time, but I am telling myself that we have a wonderful group of friends and family who will jump to the rescue whenever we need them. Also, it has helped me think about our birth plan/guidelines this time. Want to see what I’ve come up with? Click to enbiggen.


So, with all of that going on, Liam and I took a week to hang with out friends and do what makes us smile. I booked the week off work and we did what ever felt right. We had a great time visiting parks, friends’ houses, having people over to our place and basically having a staycation. I managed to sneak out with my girlfriends one night and had a great time.

At the park, Liam plays on his scooter with his friend riding his bike in the background

Today we are going to be rearranging our master bedroom to prepare for Baby (I know, I know, 3 months away. Mama needs to nest!). I have been slowly working away on our mountains of laundry and prepping all the baby clothes for his arrival. We maaaaaaaay have agreed on a name, but I’m hesitant to say it’s chosen for sure. It was on our list for Liam, and I had somehow disregarded it this time until Pat brought it up again. It’s not as… unique or historic as I would have liked (RIP Finnigan, River, Rowan, and Ronan; the names that I loved and were vetoed) but I think it works and fits well within the family. If I feel more certain about it, I will share it (with the disclaimer of it being possible that we change our minds when Kiddo arrives and we see if it actually works for him). In the mean time, I am working hard to convince Pat to at least go with some alternative spelling, but I doubt that will come to fruition ;)

Oh, I wanted to add that I’m sorry for the lack of ipsy review this month. With everything going on, I just wasn’t into it. Doesn’t help that my bad this month was incredibly uninspiring and disappointing. Here’s hoping this month is better.

And with that, I am off to make myself a tea. Mama needs all the “get up and go” that she can get.


Making Space

The last few months have been tough for us, financially. We have been job hunting for Pat, hoping to find something a bit more in line with his interests and schooling. (He just finished the Cisco Network Administration certification at Algonquin College. He would love to have networking be a part of his job). I have gone back to work at Belly Laughs (which is both awesome and dangerous. Being pregnant around all the awesome products? Siiiigh). We’ve been cutting back where we can, and taking a close look at what we have in our home and lives and whether or not it’s actually necessary.

One of things we decided to finally be done with is our portable storage unit. We’ve had it in our driveway for a year now. We got it when we were planning on moving and needed to store some of our stuff for showings. Then we used it to store Pat’s motorcycle(s) over the winter. Well, there’s no reason to be paying for something like that when it really is time for us to tackle the stuff once and for all. There were boxes in there from Mom’s estate. That’s stuff that has been sitting, boxed up, for 5 years. So, we emptied it out and had them come take it away. That means that our house is a bit of a disaster while we slowly make our way through the mountains of STUFF.

Mountains of boxes in our dining roomYeah, that’s our dining room. How are we ever going to fit another kid in this house? No, seriously, how? Do you have any tips or suggestions? I have no idea how to store the mix of preschooler and baby toys, and where are the big baby gear is going to go. Playpen? Swing? The house is feeling very very small right now.

So, here we are, beginning of June, and I am finally facing a ton of estate stuff that has been hidden away for years. We can’t keep it all. We just can’t. Our place just isn’t big enough. Time to get serious and really only keep useful, loved or beautiful items. Wish us luck!


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Starter Stories: Tips for finding and buying your first home

Entering the big world of Real Estate can be an incredibly overwhelming and super exciting time for anyone! We were blessed by having family and friends who were able to walk us through the process, which made it a little less terrifying. I wanted to share with you a few little tips and tricks that we learned along the way.


  • Meet with your financial planner, bank, parent or Mr. Excel and really hammer out your budget. Keep in mind the closing costs, any renos you want to do right away, moving expenses (including boxes, tape, packing paper, pizza, movers, days off work). Some people like to change the locks when they move in, so price that out.
  • Get a real estate agent you trust. DO NOT work with the selling agent. Just don’t. Ask friends and family for recommendations and then do some sleuthing online. Don’t sign anything until you are sure you are comfortable with your agent and that they respect your budget and parameters.
  • Find a lawyer. You will need them for closing.
  • Don’t feel rushed into buying a place. TV tells us that we should be able to choose after seeing three houses, but that’s just not true.
  • Don’t skip the home inspection. Unless you are a contractor with good knowledge of building code, don’t skip this. It is so worth it. Trust me. We walked away from two houses that we LOVED because we discovered over 100k worth of issues during home inspections that needed to be done just to make the houses safe and functional.
  • Make a list of what you NEED in a house, what you’d like to have but can live without and then talk to your agent. You may not have a realistic list for your budget. They can talk you through this. It can suck really bad to hear that you can’t afford the house you grew up in, or even a tiny one bedroom in the area that you want, but that’s life kiddo. It’s better to be in the know so that you can make a decision about moving forward.
  • Having a hard time making your Must Have list? Think about how you live. Do you take a bath every night? Having a soaker tub may be a good thing to add. Don’t have a car, but would like one in a year or two? Look into parking even if you don’t need it right now.
  • Balance your gut with your brain. If a house ticks all the boxes, but doesn’t feel right, it isn’t right.
  • Look at the neighbours and the neighbourhood. Is there light? Are the houses and lawns maintained? Do you hate gardening? If so, you may not want to buy in a super groomed row of houses.That said, you probably don’t want to live next door to the hoarder with the 15 rusted cars beside the playstructure your kids will be using.
  • Be real with yourself. Don’t buy to impress anyone but you and don’t get stuck on the things you can change. Hate the floors? You can fix that. Hate the wallpaper? Take it down. Think you can handle a fixer upper but have no skills? Make sure you have the time and the budget to hire if you get in over your head.
  • Are you moving from your parents place or from a shared apartment? Factor in the cost of having your own set of cleaning supplies, shower curtain and other bathroom stuff (bath mat, small garbage can, a soap holder), a plunger (for the love of all that is holy, do not forget to buy a plunger). Other things that you might need that you didn’t have before: Microwave, toaster, coffee maker, kettle, iron and ironing board, hangers, lamps, cookware, Definitely have a small home tool kit, for those basic fixes.
  • Remember that this isn’t a race. Most people don’t go from closing to OMG THE PERFECT HOUSE in seconds. It’s a process. Honestly, I recommend living in the space with your hand-me-downs for a bit before racing out and buying new stuff. You want to get a feel for how your new place works and what needs aren’t being met by what you have.

This is NOT Sarah's House

“Do you like my chairs? They are the only furniture I have.”

  • No one expects you to be Sarah Richardson with an insane budget. Make your house functional and then start working on making it home.
  • Take advantage of the free classes offered by places like Home Depot. Learn to fix things on your own so that you can save your hard earned cash for Big Issues (like electrical. Don’t touch electrical) or for pretty things (mmmm, custom light fixtures).
  • Educate yourself on your home. Does it have a septic system? Learn about that.

I hope you found this helpful. For those of you who have already been through this, what tip or trick do you wish you had known before buying your first place? Thanks to Urban Compass for asking me to be involved in Starter Stories. Check them out for more inspiration!


Putting the Home in Starter Home.

Over the past couple of years I’ve talked about our plans to move, to find a bigger place with a bigger yard. We have made several attempts at this plan, and yet each time something happens that takes us down a different path. Life has a funny way of changing things even when you aren’t ready to hear it or see it.

We bought this home almost 7 years ago. We weren’t even engaged yet, and had both just finished school. We bought for the “now” instead of the future and as a result the house isn’t exactly what we expected to be in for nearly a decade. So, how does one take a house and make it a home, after they have already decided to leave it behind? Much like you can make any space, big or small, a home. It’s a process, that’s for sure. Today, I’m going to share an overview of what we’ve shared so far here on IAtH, with updates coming in the next few days. Later in the week I will share tips to help make your own space more homey. This is our starter story, as inspired by Urban Compass, a New York City real estate platform who invited us to be a part of their collection of blogs sharing their own starter stories.


outside1Our place was built in the early 90s, the time when pink was Queen. This was definitely a challenge when we looked at the exterior of our home. Pink brick is something we had to work around. The windows and doors were all wood and showing their wear, so we knew they had to be replaced too.

outsidenewWe chose a dark bluey grey for all of the wooden trim that we were keeping, as well at the garage door and the front door. The storm door, main door and front window were replaced by one larger door and window, each with a panel of stained glass. We touched up all the white paint, and replaced the mailbox. I hope to replace the light fixtures this coming summer.

Liam’s Room

cr1  The previous owners of our place had used the smallest of the three   bedrooms as a craft room. I did the same for a little while, but once Liam was born we knew he was going to need his own space. I wanted to keep the larger guest room as a multipurpose room, so we decided that the little guy would get the little room. I wanted something bright, fun and with a mix of decor. We ripped up the nasty teal carpet and replaced it with a plush beige carpet. The dark teal blinds had to go too, so we replaced them with black out curtains. The pink walls were painted something much more fun and suitable for a toddler’s room.

lr5  We went with a bright leafy green for the walls. All furniture and frames are a mix of light and medium woods. with accents of white and bright colours. While it may not be super pretty, we have a dark green lazy boy in the room, as I am still nursing my big guy. The room is set up with a montessori approach in mind. This means that everything is designed for Liam’s perspective and appreciation. The art is low, the toys and books are accessible, and everything in the room is safe for him.


The Man Cave

The Basement, before Oh, the basement. It was important to us to have a space for hanging out. Ours was a huge fixer-upper. The previous owners had cats and smoked, both of which did major damage in the basement. We tore up the gross carpet, and discovered water damage. We left the space unfinished while we saved up and started to do work ourselves. Unfortunately, the pipe that had burst in the past did so again and we had to start over.

The only thing that we kept was the drop ceiling, which was still in good condition.

BasementThe basement, like most, was cold and dark. We added pot lights, and decided on floating laminate floors. We painted the walls a rich taupe to warm up the cool space. We chose a huge comfy couch that was on sale with plans of many movie and video game nights. The basement is large, so we have a few different area. Across from the seating area, we have our entertainment system and our desks. Both my hubby and I like our tech, so we put it all in a place where Liam can’t get to it without supervision.

Basement We chose darker colours and accents to create a more cozy and adult space. We wanted a place where people would feel comfortable hanging out for hours on end.

Well, that’s it for now. I hope you’ve enjoyed this little round up. I look forward to sharing our home with you :)


DIY: Cleaning Spilled Scentsy

When we were looking at selling our home, I started looking into Scentsy products. I liked the idea of pretty scents without the fire risk of candles. I find regular plug ins and sprays really artificial smelling and I very rarely enjoy the scents available. My mother was a huge fan of Partylite products and Scentsy, so it made sense to use what I had inherited from her to try. Unfortunately, a cup of liquid wax isn’t always the smartest thing to have in this house.

A couple weeks ago, while playing, a giant ball went flying into the living room where I was knitting and relaxing. It hit the warmer I had beside me and made the room look like a crime scene:

Calling Dexter
Calling Dexter

Thankfully, the warmer itself survived the incident. I immediately started looking online for ways to clean up this mess. The two main methods used and recommended were: Hairdryer and Paper Towel, Iron and Paper Towel. I decided that this would be a good opportunity to try both and report back to you guys. So, uh, I did.

The Iron Method

So, the basic idea is that you put paper towel over the wax, turn on your iron and place it on the paper towel. Some people reported the wax getting on their iron so I was really careful, as our iron is fairly new and well loved around here.

20141105_093418Right away, I realized that this method was really only good for flat surfaces. Not idea of the moulding we have, or the little areas where the floor met the moulding, or the moulding met the wall. I decided to try it out on our side table first.


It worked! Unfortunately though, despite my best efforts, it did get some wax on the iron which I then needed to carefully clean. I am not a fan of cleaning methods where I need to do follow up cleaning. So, on to the hair dryer method.

Hair Dryer Method

I didn’t get a picture of myself doing this as it worked so fast that I had wax dripping everywhere. This method is really best with two free hands (one holding the dryer, the other holding the paper towel to mop it up). Initially, I was really really impressed! It really seemed to work well! Unfortunately, dark red wax on beige and white paint resulted in some staining. I attempted to do some patch cleaning with the iron, but it was no use. I will need to go at this again with either something scrubby.


Over all though, not bad considering! This should also help if you spill wax from a candle.

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I swear time is doing funny things to us here. I feel like it is both flying by and crawling forward. Perhaps that’s just life with a toddler.

Week one of the 21 day fix wraps up today. It’s been an interesting week! It has been a challenge to work out daily, but not as much as I thought it would be. I also thought it would be harder to follow the meal plan, but it’s amazing how easy it is once you wrap your head around it. A week ago, it took me nearly 4 hours to plan for the week. Now I can replan and day in 10 minutes, tops. (Which we had to do yesterday due to grocery limitations and other pain in the butt issues, such as my car being a total piece of crap). I have really enjoyed sharing this experience with Pat. He has been a massive motivator to me. No major change on the scale yet, but I’m not going to do an official End of Week 1 weigh in until tomorrow morning.

Other observations:

  • I hate cardio. I am screwed when the apocalypse happens.
  • I have very little in the way of work-out attire. In the process of remedying that.
  • It’s amazing how quickly your body adapts. I went from drinking almost no water a day, and 3+ cups of coffee (full of milk and sugar), to a TONNE of water and almost no coffee in a day (only a quick glug of milk and stevia now).
  • I freaking love balsamic vinegar. On everything. EVERYTHING.

For those that are into this, this is my meal plan for this coming week. I know it doesn’t look like much, but the portions are HUGE.


Aside from this massive lifestyle change, we got out to see some more houses and have a renewed hope. We are returning to getting our place done and will hopefully have it on the market by next week. We are moving our target area a bit and have fallen in love with a small town further south. We have FOUR places that we are really interested in now, so I am very excited.

Hopefully we get our acts together and get going so that it isn’t freaking February when we are moving. Ugh.

It seems fitting that all of this change is going on now, at Mabon time.


I have to say, I love this time of year. I never feel more like myself than I do now. I live for sweater weather, apples and spice, fallen acorns, changing leaves and tea. Seriously, my heart is set to burst with how much I adore it. I hate how short lived it is.


I don’t have any major plans for Mabon this year. Maybe a few crafts with my boy, a walk in the woods and a cleansing of the home (also a good idea for getting some welcoming vibes for the house hunters). I have some yard work to do, to both enhance the curb appeal and prep for the coming winter. That feels like it should round out the day perfectly :)

What are you doing for the equinox?

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Still in the middle

What a whirlwind life has been. The house prep has been a all consuming project. I plan on sharing some pictures with you soon as part of my UFYH series. We finally came to an agreement with the bank (who own the house we love) and have conditionally purchased it. The three conditions that we made were: 1. Home inspection 2. Financing 3. Selling our place

Yesterday was the home and septic inspection. I have to be honest and say I am overwhelmed. I still absolutely love the house, but there was more than I hoped. The place is almost 70 years old, so I shouldn’t be surprised….but we have to now sit down and really decide if we can live with what we now know.

Liam is loving the yard, especially the tractors right behind us.
Liam is loving the yard, especially the tractors right behind us.

In the mean time, we are getting all the last bit of information to the bank to get our mortgage application in, as well as finishing up all the prep to get our place listed. On top of that, I am still working in the evening a couple days a week and Pat still has classes two nights a week. I haven’t been this exhausted and stressed in such a long time. I have cut my hours down, and Pat finished his course next week, so hopefully things will mellow out a bit. I was hoping to have our home listed by now, so hopefully this delay won’t screw up our plans.

So far, we have:

-Decluttered. We have a storage unit outside full of large pieces of furniture and items that were clogging up the space

-Made some repairs

-Painted trim.

Doesn’t sound like much, but I swear it is. I have been a hermit for weeks, focusing on this place. Gods, I hope it all pays off.

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Finding a new normal

My sister and I were enjoying one of our weekly chats on Sunday, catching up on each other’s life. We are both doing what we can to eat better and become more active, while also working on our personal lives and our homes. During this discussion, we came to a pretty profound conclusion that we had both heard before, but, at least for me, I didn’t really GET until right then:

When you choose to be healthier, your whole life changes. Choosing simplicity and a healthier way of living creates a ripple effect.

About a week and a half ago, I chose to start working out and starting to log my food intake. Simultaneously, I found myself forced into a situation where we have to be more careful about our spending. Being mindful of my nutritional intake worked hand in hand with my new need to be extremely mindful of my food budget. Fitting fitness into my daily routine also forced me to create a daily routine or rhythm. Liam and I are now waking up at around the same time every day, he is having his nap at roughly the same time and we have a rhythm to our daily activities. He helps me cook, we play, I work out, it’s fantastic.

Liam loves his play cleaning set from his Auntie Jodie, Uncle Colin and his cousins.
Liam loves his play cleaning set from his Auntie Jodie, Uncle Colin and his cousins.

Sure, it may be coincidence that our money troubles happen to come into focus right when I decided to start taking charge of my health. I’m just thankful that all of a sudden, right after the extreme chaos of my unmedicated period, I’m finding myself in this simple, calm place. When I was unmedicated, my whole life seemed out of my control. It may have just been for half a week, but it magnified issues that I had been dealing with for a while. The house was a mess because I was too depressed to do anything about it. We were eating crap, because cooking was too much work. Doing anything was a chore, and I just didn’t care. Coming out of the haze, I feel empowered to take control and make a difference in our home and our lives.

Amazingly, it’s the most simple of things. I’m doing small bits of cleaning daily, instead of letting it build into massive disasters that take the whole weekend to clean. I’m working out only 15-30 minutes a day, during nap time, so that it doesn’t really change our plans or impact Liam in a negative way. I’m incorporating Liam into these changes as best I can. He LOVES cleaning and helping me cook and is truly delighted to participate, so it becomes a joy for both of us.

Liam, helping me make biscuits to go with some crock pot chili
Liam, helping me make biscuits to go with some crock pot chili

Thankfully, this all came at a very good time. We just received news last night of a family emergency which requires us to head out to a suburb of Montreal this weekend. It’s Cancer again, rearing its ugly monstrous head, effecting our extended family. Any brush with Cancer has a massive impact on me. It triggers all sorts of horribleness, but I’m finding that I’m starting to be able to cope with it better. One of my favourite people, a girlfriend of mine, is currently dealing with one of her parents having brain cancer. When I found out, I cried and I raged. It all seemed so unfair. When I found out our beloved Auntie Pony had colon cancer, I was shaken, hurt and scared, but rallied to support cousin Anne. Getting this news last night, I think Pat was afraid that it would set something off in me, but I’m doing ok. We aren’t close to the one who is ill, but we are very close with those who are dealing with it. It also brings us back to Pat’s father’s illness (it’s one of his siblings), which is the most difficult aspect for us, I think. Anyway, the point of this ramble is to say that I am doing pretty ok thanks to getting my head on straight before getting this news.

On a related topic, do you have any tips for us for our first road trip with Liam? He’s never been in the car longer than an hour at a time, so a two/two and a half hour trip may be tough on us all. Also, we’ve never been out of town with him for just the day, to a home that is not toddler friendly…what should be pack?

Liam is ready to hit the road!
Liam is ready to hit the road!
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Fall Back

Oh, Daylight Savings Time. So many people are so well rested, thanks to you. Parents, not so much. Luckily, our little dude didn’t get me up too early (6:30 new time, which is totally tolerable for me. Thanks little man). He’s already up there napping, so I’m taking advantage of the quiet by sharing a few things while I have the chance.

Firstly, here is our Halloween costumes that I mentioned the other day:

Definitely not my best picture, but we are so awesome that it doesn’t even matter

We went as Mama and Baby Wookies. It was a blast. Liam absolutely loved being able to run with abandon through stores and hallways of the mall. I loved seeing all of the adorable halloween babies. Definitely my favourite day of the year.

We didn’t do much after hanging out at the mall, sadly. Little man was completely exhausted after having such a great time that he passed out from 4-7, and then again at 9 for the night. I ordered in Chinese food and set a plate out for the dead passing through. Before bed, I put out a small bowl of honey and milk and called it a night.

The other thing I wanted to share should probably fall into its own post, but I’m feeling lazy (thanks left over halloween candy!), so you get to enjoy it here. We recently moved Liam over to his own room, and as a result, I have another UFYH chapter!

UFYH – Liam’s Room

This space has gone through many makeovers since we moved into the house. Originally, it was used as a craft room/catch all/cat’s space by the previous owners.

cr1This is from their house listing. As you can see, it had teal carpeting, and a hand made cat ledge at the window. This room was my space, but I didn’t have much of a budget to work with. First, we replaced the carpet with a plush beige carpet and painted the walls a vibrant leafy green. Pat helped me install floating IKEA shelves on the inner wall to accomodate my large collection of comic books and knitting patterns.

This was my refuge. All of my books, crafts and music went into this room. I loved it!

When we found out we were expecting, despite having a larger guest room as an option, we both knew that the craft room was a better space for a kid. Firstly, it doesn’t share a wall with our loud neighbours. Secondly, while small, it was the perfect size for a wee one. It would force us to keep it tidy and to keep the number of toys in the space limited. I loved the colour for a nursery, so it was great that I didn’t need to repaint!

cr6While Liam slept in our room (either co-sleeping with us in the bed, or in his larger crib), the nursery was the place that I took him to have some wiggle time on the floor, or to read a story in my lap. We brought in an old dresser that had been my sister’s dresser when she was a child. We purchased a cheap small bookshelf to hold on to our small children’s literature collection. Tracy and I put up the few insect decals that she had gifted us from Toys R Us around the room. The cradle was a gift from Jan and Cathy. It’s a family heirloom. All of the Heffernan girls slept in it <3 While the space acted more like storage, Maddie’s Crate was moved back in, making it more of a baby’s playroom and the Dog’s Bedroom.

Last week, Pat and I tackled the space. It was time to get little man out of our room and into his own space. I was waking him with my tossing and turning. It hurt my heart, but I knew it was time.

First we moved Maddie’s crate into the guest room. We then gave the carpet a very deep cleaning. We removed the blinds and hung some black out curtains (darkness is very important to baby nap time!). We hung some art and set up his new and wonderful Montessori bed (a birthday gift from Jan, Cathy and the girls!). We went with sort of an eclectic fairy tale themed space. Natural mixed woods, vintage pieces, woodland animals and bugs, dragons, child-like without being too cartoony. The art is hung low to compliment the Montessori aspect of the space. I want him to be able to see the art and enjoy it.

What we have in the room:

  • Bunting by A Fete Beckons
  • Liam’s Name Letters – Created by our friends S & K. Letters were painted white and decorated with Star Wars characters
  • Strange heirloom embroidery that I found in my mother’s trunk.
  • Decals by Carter’s, at Toys R Us
  • Owl Night Light from Belly Laughs
  • Bedding from Zara Kids.
  • Nursing chair by La-Z-Boy
  • Curtains from Bed, Bath and Beyond
  • Wall Mirrors & Floating Shelves by IKEA
  • Elephant & Animals textile, gift from Pat’s co-worker.
  • Vintage Fox Art – from Pat’s nursery as a kid
  • Word Art, from grassgreendesigns

I’ll try to post some better pictures of these details later. The room is mostly done,  but I still have plans for it. We have a beautiful owl fram that Tracy had given us for the room when Liam was born. I’d like to print a picture of her with him for it. I also have some art from my own nursery as a child that I need to get framed. I’m also thinking about getting something like this for the space:


There’s also some art I was considering:



il_570xN.416369710_2vi4il_570xN.239439992il_570xN.429312908_f8g9 il_570xN.334228303

So many things!  Anyway, I hope you liked this little look into Liam’s room. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. <3